Please find below potential participants.
If you believe you found a interesting candidates to your team, please contact us!

Coordinator: Adam Glos (QPoland), Zoltán Zimborás (QHungary)
Contact: qresearch [at]

Candidate #1
Mehdi Ben Chikha (QTunisia)
I am Mehdi BEN CHIKHA a Software Engineering student at INSAT, Machine learning and Quantum Computing enthusiast from TUNISIA. I spent lots of time studding basics of quantum computing and quantum algorithms from different sources (Qiskit textbook, Quantum Information Science I from MIT, QBronze from QLatvia). Currently I’m enrolling in a quantum computing program by IBM and The coding school and I am engaging with QTunisia as a QMentor. I feel like I am good with the basics and want to make a step further into the quantum world. I’m interested in Quantum Machine Learning and would love to make a project in the field. I will be available from 15th of January onwards.
Personal website:

Candidate #2
Rishab Ghosh (West Bengal University of Technology, QIndia)
I am currently in my final year of my undergraduation in Computer Science and Engineering. My interests mainly include in Quantum computing hardware and the architecture sets, Quantum error correction and Quantum Information Theory. I am currently a fresher so I dont have a lot many experiences.However, I do study Nielsen and Chuang and took part in the IBM Quantum Challenge from Nov 9 -30 and cleared week 1.
Personal website:

Candidate #3
Sebastian Zajac (QPoland)
PhD in theoretical physics. Actual real time analytics.

Candidate #4
Anuj Mehrotra (IOT AONE IQ Solutions Private Limited, QIndia)
Experience : Digital Transformation, IIoT, Qiskit, Machine Learning, Interests : QML
Personal website:

Candidate #5
Rohit K S S Vuppala (Oklahoma State University, PhD student)
Interested in Quantum Computing for CFD. Worked in CFD and numerical methods, specifically discontinuous galerkin methods, multi-physics simulations for PEM Fuel Cells. Experience in LES, RANS turbulence models. Presently working on safe navigation of UAVs in cities.
Personal website:

Candidate #6
Akash Kumar Singh (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Tirupati)
I am a 3rd undergrad in Physics at Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Tirupati. I have been a part of QBRONZE Workshop organized in NOV 2020. I have taken courses in Quantum Mechanics at my University. I have been QISKIT GLOBAL SUMMER SCHOOL 2020. I have also taken part in Qiskit India challenge 2020. Right now I am also part The Coding School’s QXQ 1 year course for Quantum Computing. I am interested in Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Machine Learning and Quantum Hardware.
Personal website:

Candidate #7
Sajib Rahman Sarker (Brac University)
I am interested in research projects that have difficulty of at least masters level and beyond, in the field of quantum machine learning, quantum algorithms and complexity, quantum neural networks, variational quantum computation, quantum reinforcement learning, quantum information theory, black hole information paradox and related open problems.
Personal website:

Candidate #8
Shubham Kumar (Indian Institute of science education and research tirupati)
I am undergraduate student studying physics as my major subject. I have attended the QBronze workshop of November 2020. I have attended the qiskit global summer school. I have attended the qiskit challenge india, where I have solved the first week challenge. I have also attended the quantum mechanics course in my university. Right now I am attending the QXQ course by coding school. I have interset in quantum hardware, quantum machine learning and quantum algorithm.
Personal website:

Candidate #9
Sushant Prusty (Utkal University)
I have experience in AI- developing chatbots. Good in Python. Interested in Q cryptography

Candidate #10
Kusal Mahendra Abeywickrama (University of Sri Jayewardenepura)
I am a self-motivated active physics graduate from Sri Lanka with an interest in the field of quantum computing. I have completed IBM Quantum Challenge 2020 and QBronze and am attending the Quantum Computer course at the Coding School.
Personal website:

Candidate #11
Srinjoy Ganguly (AdroitERA)
My research interests include Quantum Computing, Quantum Machine Learning and Quantum Image Processing. I have achieved the QBronze diploma from QWorld and have completed IBM Quantum Challenge. I am currently leading the QResearch Quantum Machine Learning (QML) Study Group at QWorld. I have around 3 years of experience in Quantum Computing and have completed advanced courses on Quantum Computing from MITx on edX. I hold a masters in AI from University of Southampton and have around 5 years of experience in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and AI. Currently, I am writing a book on Quantum Computing using Silq Programming where the focus is on high level language Silq for quantum programming of near term or future quantum computers. I am also an active participant of the course on Quantum Computing conducted by The Coding School, IBM and QxQ.
Personal website:

Candidate #12
Harsh Mishra (Sophomore – IISER Berhampur)
I was a reading intern under Prof Prasanta Panigrahi of IISER Kolkata where I learnt about the basics of Quantum computing. I attended the two week long Qiskit Global summer school. Recently, I was selected for the Quantum computing India(QCI) Fellowship program. I am interested to learn more and work on a research project. I am learning python currently. I am an undergraduate and will choose Physics as my major.
Personal website:

Candidate #13
Moses Mulwa (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology)
I became interested in quantum computing after seeing a lecture on the topic on youtube. Since then, I have participated in the IBM qunatum challenge, joined a Quantum Computing course offered by the coding School which is still ongoing and also completed a QWorld Workshop. QBronze to be specific. I’m interested in any field related to Quantum Computing.
Personal website:

Candidate #14
Turbasu Chatterjee (Calcutta Institute of Engineering and Management, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology)
Experience: I have a mathematical understanding of machine learning, deep learning, having worked in a number of projects and engineering the AI part of the winning the Smart India Hackathon (Problem Statement AS37). I have worked through Hoffmann and Kunze and have a basic understanding of linear algebra and operators. I have completed QWorld Bronze with a perfect score of (100/100) and am currently enrolled in Qubit by Qubit by IBM where I have a perfect score as well. Interests: I would love to work in something in quantum complexity theory, quantum/probabilistic finite automata, quantum algorithms (which might extend to quantum learning theory). I would also like to explore more on quaternionic quantum computation and CVQC’s. In fact anything with a deep mathematical/quantitative understanding would be really interesting.
Personal website:

Candidate #15
Azza Fadhel (Tunisia Polytechnic School , QTunisia)
Hello, I’m Azza Fadhel, a multisciplinary engineering student, from Tunisia. I’m very interested in quantum computing and its applications in machine learning and finance. I’m currently a student in the Coding School and I want to be a part of a research team working on quantum computing.
Personal website:

Candidate #16
Abdelilah Haji (University)
I’m currently studiying Big Data and Cloud Computing and I’m interested quantum computing.
Personal website:

Candidate #17
Kamil Polak (Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego)
I am working as an Internal Audit Manager in the model risk area. I am knowledgeable with respect to the financial markets, accounting, valuation, and model risk management. As a researcher, I am mainly involved in the study in the field of natural language processing (Ph.D. thesis). I have just completed Bronze and I would like to expand my knowledge in the field of quantum computers, quantum machine learning.
Personal website:

Candidate #18
Shah Ishmam Mohtashim (University of Dhaka)
Completed IBM Quantum Challenge 2020.(All challenges). Implemented VQE to find the lowest eigen value of a matrix where I made the circuit from scratch. I am interested in applying QC to natural sciences, like implementing ising, hubbard model etc.
Personal website:

Candidate #19
Ali Zahid (QPakistan, Qu & Co BV Netherlands)
I am working as a technical consultant for computational quantum chemistry with Qu & Co BV Netherlands.
Personal website:

Candidate #20
Mostafa Atallah (Cairo University)
I am a master student at Cairo university specialized in theoretical physics. my research interests include: quantum information and computation and quantum thermodynamics.
Personal website:

Candidate #21
Md. Sakibul Islam Sazzad (Shahjalal University of Science & Technology & University of Global Village)
I am experienced with working on Photonics. Working as a lecturer in a university. I am experienced in programming with C, Matlab, COMSOL and I solved all problems in recent IBM challenge Fall 2020
Personal website:

Candidate #22
Isha Mehta (N/A)
I have worked in Theoretical Particle Physics to foundations of Quantum Information Theory during my master’s. I want to continue my research in Quantum Computing especially in Quantum Cryptography and QML

Candidate #23
Pinaki Sen (National Institute of Technology Agartala, INDIA)
I’m an Electrical Engg. Undergrad. I’ve been learning and exploring Quantum Computing for a while now and grown an immense interest in various research projects of Quantum Machine Learning. I have previous academic research experience on QCA and currently looking into research problems of QML, especially Feature Map problems. I would like to team up with peole interested in QML research, mainly regarding feature mapping techniques.
Personal website:

Candidate #24
Meriem kasmi (Riadi Lab, ENSI, University of Manouba, QTunisia.)
I am a final-year phd student in computer science with focus on software engineering. However, I am deeply interested in AI and quantum computing. I joined the QWorld QBronze challenge through QTunisia and succeed to gain certificate after completing the 5 homework with full mark. In the future, I want to be expert in QML that’s why I am excited to be part of a research project focusing on QML.

Candidate #25
Precious Ogbonda Amadi (University of Port Harcourt)
My interest lies in quantum mechanics, information Theory. Quantum computing interest is as result of my participation in QBronze 2020 edition
Personal website:

Candidate #26
Hariprasad M (Pondicherry University)
I am currently in my final year of my masters course in Physics. I have research experience in quantum measurement theory and beginner knowledge in quantum computing and quantum information theory. I would love to be a part of a research team who is interested in quantum information theory or quantum computation. I consider this opportunity to learn new things and gather as much experience in research as possible. I am also interested in quantum machine learning and error correction in quantum computers.

Candidate #27
Manjula Gandhi S (Coimbatore Institute of Technology, India)
I have twenty years of teaching experience in Computer Science Subjects, and worked on Quantum Computing as part of my research.
Personal website:

Candidate #28
Nikhil Keshav (NISER Bhubaneswar, India)
I have done study projects on quantum computation and information theory. And am also quite comfortable with python and qiskit. Having participated in several hackathons and workshops, I am exposed to many different sub-fields of quantum computation. Applications of entanglement in communication and quantum machine learning intrigue me a lot. However, I am also open to explore new fields and learn eagerly.
Personal website:

Candidate #29
Anurag Trivedi (Technische Universität Dresden — TU Dresden, Germany)
My interest in Molecular modelling, Computational Material Science, Quantum Machine Learning. My Goal is Develop Single atom based Quantum Technology to Development of Bioelectric Medicine.
Personal website:

Candidate #30
Ricardo Olvera-Ramírez (QMexico)
I am interested in the study of QML, more precisely in the area of quantum neural networks, for the development of new models to enhance research in artificial intelligence. I have the experience granted by the degree, as well as from courses by IBM about the concepts in ML as in data science, combinatorial optimization and artificial intelligence. In addition to working on quantum computing concepts for just over a year. Including mentoring projects for QWorld and the QMexico project.
Personal website:

Candidate #31
Pratik Kumar (Lpu)
QWorld diploma, IBM Quantum challenge

Candidate #32
Vivek Venu (Mg University)
I am doing my Masters in physics .I am a beginner in quantum computing .I know Quantum mechanics but I am a beginner in computing. I participated QWorld bronze program and now doing an introductory course of quantum computing and I know some basics of programming in qiskit.I would like to join the program because I want to like to learn more about the topic in advance level. I am interested in Quantum cryptography teleportation because I think it matches with physics.

Candidate #33
Rifatul Islam Himel (Daffodil International University)
I am very much interested to pursue my career in Quantum Computing. In this endeavors, I have completed QBronze workshop. I have also won IBM Quantum Challenge – Fall 2020 – Foundational Badge. Now I want to work on some real project to enhance my knowledge, skills and ability in this field.
Personal website:

Candidate #34
Vishal Kumar (Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow India)
I have basic knowledge in this field, have done IBM Quantum Challenge 2020 and QWorld Diploma Workshop 2020. Currently, I am enrolled in IBM Qiskit Program QubitxQubit. Since I am interested in Quantum Mechanics and mathematics so interest in Quantum Computing came from here. Also, I am interested in Software Development.

Candidate #35
Sailesh Bataju (Tribhuvan University)
I have done my research on Molecular Dynamics Simulation and also published the research work. Now, I am interested in the field of Quantum Computation since it is an intersection of Math, Physics, and Computer Science and I find those subjects quite interesting. This emerging field has a lot to explore.

Candidate #36
Cheshta Joshi (BITS Pilani, Goa, India)
I am a final year Physics undergraduate student form BITS Pilani, Goa, India. I have been studying about Quantum Information and Computing for two years now. I have a good background in theoretical Quantum Information Theory and I am also interested in Quantum Algorithms and Quantum Simulations. I have also explored the field of Quantum Machine Learning through the QIntern program and I am interested in the field too. I will be working on Variational Quantum Eigensolver for my Masters’ thesis under Prof. Jinhyoung Lee for the coming semester.
Personal website:

Candidate #37
Aleksandra Lipińska (AGH University of Science and Technology, QPoland)
I’m an undergraduate of Computer Science at AGH University of Science and Technology. I’m interested in quantum computing and would like to pursue this field academically. Lately I’ve completed the QBronze workshop and became a member of QPoland.

Candidate #38
Hajar Bayoussef (Mohamed V University of Rabat)
I’m a 1st-year master’s student interested in Quantum information processing, both theoretical and experimental sides. I look forward to deploying QC in understanding complex systems.
Personal website:

Candidate #39
Utkarsh (IIIT-Hyderabad)
I’m interested in the symbiotic relationship of quantum computing, quantum software, machine learning and natural sciences.
Personal website:

Candidate #40
Mohamed Musa (Gulf University for Science and Technology)
My background is physics. I have in-depth knowledge of quantum mechanics and quantum optics. I have published paper in quantum optics (see for example: I am also proficient in Python programming and have a good knowledge of classical machine learning (including deep learning). I am deeply interested in quantum machine learning and started learning quantum computing (circuits and algorithms) using Python (mainly Qiskit). I am an excellent team player and would like to participate a research project in quantum machine learning.
Personal website:

Candidate #41
Umer Yasin (Comsats Lahore Department of Physics (QPAKISTAN))
I am interested to work in Quantum machine learning and I have my past experience and study in Classical Machine learning and deep learning algorithms like convolutional neural network.
Personal website:

Candidate #42
Diksha Sharma (Chandigarh University, India)
I am working as a software Engineer with a total 2.5 years of industry experience. I developed intrest in quantum computing while working on post Quantum security analysis for the encryption algorithms. Since then I am educating myself with the available resources, QWorld is of course one of them. I would like to get indulge in the research projects and want to contribute. My areas of interests are quantum communication and Algorithms.
Personal website:

Candidate #43
Jens Cheung (Charles Darwin University)
Basic Qiskit

Candidate #44
Sara El Gaily (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
I am interested to have an experience internship in quantum computing and communications.

Candidate #45
Asif Saad (Khulna University of Engineering and Technology)
i am still new to the fields of quantum computing, but i am very much interested and happy to learn and also participating in various QC workshops, courses, coferences
Personal website:

Candidate #46
Mer Yoj (Charles Darwin University)
Master of software engineering 2020-2021. Research thesis focuses on online collaborative method for quantum computational chemistry, which will be using Julia Yao and Python on Jupyter Notebook. The research outcome is targeting online learning and citizen science development.

Candidate #47
Suriyaprakash k (CUSAT)
I have experience in basic deep learning models in computer vision,worked on frame extraction,faces_frame extraction,image tagging and scraping.Have medium knowledge in programming
Personal website:

Candidate #48
Artem Koryukin (QRussia, Kazan Federal University, Tatarstan Academy of Sciences)
I have experience in photonics, Lumerical, Matlab, Python. I’m interested in things like hybrid architecture (quantum, neuromorphic, silicon), quantum hardware and architecture, quantum physics and engineering. I am interested in the application of quantum technologies and simulation in medicine and biology.
Personal website:

Candidate #49
Rukhsar Chougle (The Institute of Science, University of Mumbai)
I was looking for research opportunities in the field of Device Fabrication as Completing Master’s in Solid-State Electronics, So my interest Is focusing on Superconducting Qubit by use metal-insulator sandwiches, working own on QuCAT library. In order to better understand the Electronics level effects observed in my experimental thesis work, I decided to broaden my knowledge of Experimental and Computational research in Quantum Computing related to study the upcoming devices. Worked in Theoretical and Quantum Physics Lab TIFR, Hyderabad. Also, Worked in High Energetic Gamma-ray Shielding by potential Materials as a remote intern at D. A. V College, Bhatinda.

Candidate #50
Rishabh (Delhi Technological University)
I’m student in Computer Engineering at Delhi Technological University in India, Quantum Computing Student at IBM’s QubitByQubit and The Coding School.Recently, Participated in IBM’s Quantum Challenge fall 2020 and got intermediate badge issued by IBM, Diploma in Quantum Computation workshop by QWorld. Experienced in C, C++,Python, Numpy, Matplotlib, scikit-learn, tensorflow, qiskit,
Personal website:

Candidate #51
Adilakshmi Visali Jayanthi (Delhi Technological University)
M.Tech 2019 passout from Delhi Technological University.