QPrep is QWorld’s workshop series focusing on Python programming and linear algebra, to serve as a preparation before joining QBronze.

During QPrep, we use the “before-workshop” section of the Bronze-Qiskit tutorial. The material is a collection of Jupyter notebooks, and each notebook has many programming tasks to provide hands-on experiences.

The aim is to provide the necessary background needed to the participants who don’t satisfy the prerequisites of QBronze but willing to join.

The outline of a typical QPrep

QPrep consists of two main sections: Python Review and and Basic Math. Python Review introduces the basic structures in Python such as variables, loops, conditionals and lists. Basic Math covers vectors and matrices.


There is no prerequisite for joining QPrep. Participants should be motivated to continue with Bronze.

Before the workshop

Download or clone the repo: https://gitlab.com/qworld/bronze-qiskit

Each participant should do certain installations and then test her system by following the instruction in “installation.pdf”.

During the workshop

Prep has two main sections.

  • Python Review: Jupyter notebooks, Variables, Loops, Conditionals, Lists, Python Reference, Drawing Reference
  • Basic math: Vectors, Dot Product, Matrices, Tensor Product, Exercises

The list of QPrep

#QCousins/Network Country CityDates#Diploma Notes
13QIranIran2024: Feb 17-22
12QTurkeyTurkey2023: Dec 13-148
11QCameroonCameroon2023: Dec 14-16
10QTurkeyTurkey2023: Sep 2-452
8QTurkeyTurkey2023: 27-3034
7QTurkeyTurkeyOnline2022: Oct 02-05122
6QTurkeyTurkeyOnline2022:July 26-29100
5QIranIranOnline2022:Aug 02-04
4QIndiaIndiaOnline2022:May 21-22
3QTurkeyTurkeyOnline2022:Apr 04-0736
2QTurkeyTurkeyOnline2021:Nov 22-2563
1QTurkeyTurkeyOnline2021:July 12-1442
1QTurkeyTurkeyOnline2021:July 12-1442