The more we share the more we have. (Leonard Nimoy)

  • QWebinars and QTalks are our webinar and online talk series. We focus on scientific and popular topics and inspiring stories from the quantum world. So far, we have hosted: Scott Aaronson, Ronald de Wolf, Maria Schuld, Araceli Venegas-Gomez, Laura Mančinska, Sarah Kaiser, Nathan Shammah, Piotr Migdał, Laurentiu Nita, Janos Asboth, Eliška Greplová, Elija Perrier, and Amin Shiraz Gilani.

  • QBronze is our first workshop series based on our introductory tutorial Bronze. QBronze has been organized more than 50 times and we handed out almost 2000 diplomas until now, and it has proved itself as a successful welcoming event for introducing the basics of quantum computing and quantum programming. The tutorial is composed around 100 jupyter notebooks, and it provides a fully hands-on experience.

  • QWorldChallenge2020 Autumn Edition was a series of 10 local QBronze workshops organized by our QCousins and one Global QBronze Workshop. During QChallenge2020, we handed out 756 diplomas, including 199 for women. The scope of the workshops covered preliminaries of quantum computing, implementation of basic quantum protocols, and algorithms.

  • Global Quantum Programming Workshop | QBronze was a one-week online workshop on the basics of quantum computing and quantum programming based on the introductory material Bronze prepared by QWorld. 720 participants from 72 countries took part in the event.

  • Hackathons: QTurkey has organized three local hackathons until now. Soon, we will organize new local and global hackathons. Check our Hackathons page for further details.