Strategic partner

Unitary Fund has obtained the status of a strategic partner of QWorld! Thanks to this, Unitary Fund will support us in delivering online graduate-level quantum courses (fundamentals, programming, algorithms, project development, and similar) to the students from all around the world, as well as organizing quantum science days to provide opportunities to the quantum community to present and discuss their research results at all levels and to get to know each other.

Unitary Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit whose mission is to create a quantum technology ecosystem that benefits the most people. Similar to QWorld’s mission, Unitary Fund believes that expanding the pool of people working on quantum technologies is a way to ensure that the benefits of these tools are widely, swiftly, and equitably distributed.

Since 2019, QWorld has been organizing educational and scientific events with the financial support of the Unitary Fund (click for the details of previous grants). Thanks to this, we organized: five introductory level quantum workshops, Quantum Programming Hackathon, the first graduate-level online course QCourse511, and our global quantum QJam2021. In addition, the funds obtained from the Unitary Fund helped us form the QWorld Association as a legal non-profit organization.

We have spent the funds raised for 2022 on

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