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QJam2024 “Making Quantum Games” is a global quantum jam with a specific theme “creating quantum games to use in the classrooms”. We will start our QJam in December 2023 with crash courses and resource reviews on (quantum) game development.

QJam2024 will hosted at QClass23/24, already having 1.3K students. If you are not in QClass23/24, do not worry, the admissions are open from Nov 28 to Dec 10 so that you can join QClass23/24 and take part in QJam2024.

All games developed under QJam2024 should be open-sourced. Each group or individual should submit their project proposal by Dec 20, 2023. The completed versions will be submitted by Jan 14, 2024, and they will be voted by the QClass23/24 participants. Each participant successfully completed QJam2024 will earn a certificate by QWorld.

Potentially, the best games will be used in the workshops held during Spring2024 – the details about this part will be shared later.

QJam 2024 is conducted together with University of Latvia and supported by Latvian Quantum Initiative.

Organizer: Abuzer Yakaryilmaz (QWorld, University of Latvia, Latvian Quantum Initiative)
Organizational and technical support: Claudia Zendejas-Morales (QWorld)
We thank Victoria Sánchez Muñoz, Maksims Dimitrijevs, and Maja L for their supports.

QJam2024 Guideline: Read Version Dec 10, 2023

Online sessions

Here is the list of online sessions. Even though the recordings will be shared on the discord server, we encourage you to attend each of them.

  • 🎙️ Welcome meeting by Abuzer Yakaryilmaz at 16:00 UTC, Monday, Dec 11
    Several details will be shared as well as you will be able to ask your questions.
  • 🎙️ Turning quantum circuits into a game on Jupyter notebook by Maksims Dimitrijevs at 16:00 UTC, Wednesday, Dec 13
    Classical computers have been used to create games for many decades. What about quantum computers? We can prepare quantum circuits and launch them on a quantum computer to solve some tasks, and it is already interesting to observe quantum effects that affect the computation. We can turn the process of creation of a quantum circuit into a game, or make the circuit part of the game, or even use quantum circuits to generate something important for the game, like layout, graphics, sound effects, maybe npc AI. Today we will check some of the possibilities to use quantum circuits in Jupyter notebooks for quantum games. We will develop a quantum analog of Battleship game, where player moves will be performed by constructing quantum circuits. We will also check an example of terrain generation by a quantum procedure proposed by James Wootton (you can check the full video of James Wootton’s workshop). As we discuss ideas and create one of our first quantum games, we may come up with many ideas, so let’s see where our collective effort can lead us to.
  • 🎙️ My experience on quantum games: Design by Victoria Sánchez Muñoz at 16:00 UTC, Thursday, Dec 14
    In session I will first briefly explain my experience designing a quantum game in a 2-day Online Quantum Jam. Then, I will focus on how I designed and programmed my own version of the Quantum Tic-Tac-Toe* to be used in a workshop for children/teenagers.
    *The game is based on a paper by Allan Goff in 2006 https://doi.org/10.1119/1.2213635 
  • 🎙️ Brainstorming session by Abuzer Yakaryilmaz at 16:00 UTC, Saturday, Dec 16
    We will do a brainstorming session based on some game ideas shared by the participants.
  • 🎙️ Harnessing Construct 3 for Quantum Game Development by Claudia Zendejas-Morales at 16:00 UTC, Monday, Dec 18
    We will explore Construct 3’s power in creating engaging video games. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned game developer, this talk will demonstrate how Construct 3’s intuitive design enables anyone to create games without writing a single line of code.
    We will start by reviewing quantum games developed using Construct 3 and discussing its capabilities. During the presentation, a live demonstration will show how to build a basic game in real time, illustrating the platform’s simplicity and flexibility. To highlight Construct 3’s range, I will also showcase two of my projects: a simple quantum game developed in an afternoon and a more complex final project from a quantum game course that integrates coding for more depth and complexity.
    Get inspired and learn how you can start building your own quantum-themed games using Construct 3 for the QJam24!


Here is a list of blog posts and recordings from the previous events, such as Global Quantum Game Jams, Quantum Games Hackathon. We suggest to watch them at your earliest possible, as they will be beneficial when you will be preparing your proposal and teaming up.

Here is a list of inspirational example quantum games.

  • 🎮 Quantum Solitare (2017) by Decodoku       [Web & made with Unity]
  • 🎮 Quantum tic-tac-toe (2022) by Victoria Sánchez Muñoz       [Web & made with Unity]
  • 🎮 Four games by Quander (a collaboration between UChicago, UCSB, and UIUC)
          Qupcakery, Queue Bits, Tangle’s Lair, TwinTanglement       [Grades 6-12]
  • List of Quantum Games by Laura Piispanen      [almost 300 games]

Addition (Dec 15, 2023)


DateHour (if any)Details
Dec 1023:59 (UTC)Deadline for the applications (unless you are at QClass23/24)
Dec 11Notifications to the new applicants are sent out
Dec 1116:00-17:30 (UTC)Welcome meeting
Dec 1316:00-18:00 (UTC)Turning quantum circuits into a game on Jupyter notebook by Maksims Dimitrijevs
Dec 1416:00-17:30 (UTC)My experience on quantum games: Design by Victoria Sánchez Muñoz
Dec 1523:59 (UTC)Deadline for sharing your game ideas through g-form [Optional]
Dec 1616:00-17:30 (UTC)Brainstorming session by Abuzer Yakaryilmaz
Dec 1816:00-19:00 (UTC)Session about Construct by Claudia Zendejas-Morales
Dec 20Deadline for proposal submissions
Jan 3Deadline for playable prototype
Jan 14Deadline for final versions
Jan 18Deadline for reviewing the submitted games


The deadline for the applications has been passed.

If you are already at QClass23/24, then you do not need to fill out the application form.

Otherwise, please complete your application by using the following form.
The deadline is 23:59 (UTC), Dec 10, 2023.
The notifications are sent out on Dec 11, 2023.

Application form >>


Please use the QClass23/24 discord server for your queries once you are there (the invitation will be sent by Dec 11, 2023).

Otherwise, you can contact us by using email qclass [at] qworld.net