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QJam2024 “Making Quantum Games” is a global quantum jam with a specific theme “creating quantum games to use in the classrooms”. We will start our QJam in December 2023 with crash courses and resource reviews on (quantum) game development.

QJam2024 will hosted at QClass23/24, already having 1.3K students. If you are not in QClass23/24, do not worry, the admissions are open from Nov 28 to Dec 10 so that you can join QClass23/24 and take part in QJam2024.

All games developed under QJam2024 should be open-sourced. Each group or individual should submit their project proposal by Dec 20, 2023. The completed versions will be submitted by Jan 14, 2024, and they will be voted by the QClass23/24 participants. Each participant successfully completed QJam2024 will earn a certificate by QWorld.

Potentially, the best games will be used in the workshops held during Spring2024 – the details about this part will be shared later.


(in progress)

Making (Jam) Games – Tips, Tricks and Tools by Annakaisa Kultima

How to Write a Quantum Story by Radha Pyari Sandhir


(in progress)

DateHour (if any)Details
Dec 1023:59 (UTC)Deadline for the applications (unless you are at QClass23/24)
Dec 11Notifications to the new applicants are sent out
Dec 1116:00 (UTC)Welcome meeting
Dec 20Deadline for proposal submissions
Jan 14Deadline for final versions


If you are already at QClass23/24, then you do not need to fill out the application form.

Otherwise, please complete your application by using the following form.
The deadline is 23:59 (UTC), Dec 10, 2023.
The notifications are sent out on Dec 11, 2023.

Application form >>


Please use the QClass23/24 discord server for your queries once you are there.

Otherwise, you can contact us by using email QClass [at] qworld.net