QBronze is QWorld’s introductory level workshop series (16 to 20 hours) on the basics of quantum computing and quantum programming created in October 2018.

Bronze is a collection of Jupyter notebooks, and each notebook has many programming tasks to provide hands-on experiences. We see Bronze as a laboratory where you can learn the basics of quantum computing and quantum programming by doing. As a pedagogical strategy, we skip to use complex numbers to keep the tutorial simpler.

Bronze-Qiskit is the active version of Bronze using Qiskit as the quantum programming framework. It was released in February 2021 with the support of IBM Quantum:


We hit our 50th workshop in February 2021 (around 1500 handed out diplomas). You can see the list at the end of this page.

The outline of a typical QBronze

Bronze is composed by main, before-workshop, and reference notebooks. The before-workshop notebooks are prepared to be used before the workshops. The main notebooks are prepared to be used during the workshops, some of which are optional covering more advanced topics.


The only prerequisite is to know the basics of programming (variables and basic data types, loops, and conditionals). Any previous experience in python will be helpful. If you do not have any such experience, you can check our notebooks on python before starting the tutorial.

Bronze also has notebooks on the basic math to review your knowledge on the simple arithmetic operations on vectors and matrices.

Before the workshop

Download or clone the repo: https://gitlab.com/qworld/bronze-qiskit

Each participant should do certain installations and then test her system by following the instruction in “installation.pdf”.

After installation, open notebook “before-workshop” and the revise the topics there.

During the workshop

The Bronze has five main sections. A participant should work 3-4 hours on each section.

  • Basics of classical systems (Probabilistic bits, coin-flipping, biased coins, probabilistic states, and probabilistic operators, correlation)
  • Basics of quantum systems (Quantum programs as circuits: registers, gates, measurements, execution, and reading the outcomes, quantum state and operators)
  • Quantum operators on a quantum bit
  • Entanglement and basics quantum protocols
  • Quantum search algorithm

The list of QBronze

# QCousins/Network Country City Dates #Diploma#Women Notes
1QLatvia LatviaRiga2018:Nov 10-11 1514QWomen, RigaTechGirls
2QLatvia PolandSiedlce 2018:Nov 20-21 192Erasmus+
3QLatvia Latvia Riga 2018:Dec 1-2 140QJunior
4QLatvia-QTurkey TurkeyAnkara2019:May 3-5 3316QDrive, Gender-balanced
5QLatvia-QPoland Poland Cracow 2019:May 20-22 111QDrive
6QLatvia-QPoland Poland Warsaw2019:May 25-26 254QDrive
7QLatvia Czech Republic Brno2019:May 29-31 143QDrive
8QLatvia Czech Republic Brno2019:Jun 17-19 215QDrive
9QLatvia Slovakia Košice 2019:Jun 26-28 104QDrive
10QLatvia-QHungaryHungaryBudapest2019:Jul 3-5 261QDrive
11QLatvia-QHungaryHungaryBudapest2019:Jul 8-10 200QDrive
12QLatviaMontenegro Podgorica 2019:Jul 16-18 132QDrive
13QTurkey TurkeyIstanbul2019:Jul 19-21 227
14QLatvia-QBalkanBosnia andHerzegovina Sarejevo2019:Jul 23-25 82QDrive
15QLatviaSloveniaLjubljana2019:Jul 30-1 283QDrive
16QTurkeyTurkeyAnkara2019:Aug 2-4 2111Gender-balanced
17QLatviaLatviaRiga2019:Sep 14-15 144QJunior
18QTurkeyTurkeyAnkara2019:Sep 20-22 166
19QLatviaItalyVerona2019:Sep 24-25 152Summer-school
20QLatviaLatviaRiga2019:Sep 28-29 96QWomen, RigaTechGirls
21QTurkeyTurkeyIstanbul2019:Oct 4-6 194
22QTurkeyTurkeyKonya2019:Nov 8-103012
23QLatviaLatviaLiepaja 2019:Nov 28-30 41
24 QLatvia-QRussiaRussiaKazan2019:Nov 29-1256Entangling with QRussia
25QTurkeyTurkeyIstanbul2019:Dec 6-83612
26QLatviaLatviaRiga2019:Dec 7-8 134
27QLatviaLithuaniaVilnius2019:Dec 14-151711QWomen, VilniusGirlsCode
28QTurkeyTurkeyAnkara2020:Feb 22-23205
29QLatvia-QFinlandFinlandTampere2020:March 5-7274
30QWomen@IstanbulTurkeyIstanbul2020:March 7-81616QWomen, QTurkey
31QTurkeyTurkeyOnline2020:May 2-3-9-10134
32QJuniorGlobalOnline2020:July 4-582QLatvia
33QWorldPakistanOnline2020:Aug 10-14155QLatvia, QTurkey, QSlovakia
34QWorldGlobalOnline2020:Sep 14-20185QTraining for Bronze (2020)
35QWorld-QTunisiaTunisiaOnline2020:Sep 23-2551Entangling with QTunisia
36QTurkeyTurkeyOnline2020:Sep 28-028926#qworldchallenge2020
37QLatviaLatviaOnline2020:Oct 19-24419#qworldchallenge2020
38QPakistanPakistanOnline2020:Nov 2-6195#qworldchallenge2020
39QWorld-QMexicoMexicoOnline2020:Nov 3-8223#qworldchallenge2020
40QRussiaRussiaOnline2020:Nov 6-10245#qworldchallenge2020
41QHungaryHungaryOnline2020:Nov 6-7121#qworldchallenge2020
42QWorldRomaniaOnline2020:Nov 16-20156#qworldchallenge2020
43QTurkeyTurkeyOnline2020:Nov 16-215017#qworldchallenge2020
44QTunisiaTunisiaOnline2020:Nov 13-222415#qworldchallenge2020
45QPolandPolandOnline2020:Nov 21-298017#qworldchallenge2020
46QWorldGlobalOnline2020:Nov 23-2838095#qworldchallenge2020
47QRussiaRussiaKazan2020:Dec 5-6134QJunior
48QPolandPolandOnline2021:Jan 9-17866QJunior
50QWorld-QIndiaIndiaOnline2021:Feb 5-1417041Entangling with QIndia
51QWorld-QMoroccoMoroccoOnline2021:Feb 6-14279Entangling with QMorocco
52QCzech-QSlovakiaCzech & SlovakiaOnline2021:Feb 8-13465
53QWorld-QGreeceGreeceOnline2021:Feb 20-2814335Entangling with QGreece
54QWomen@IstanbulTurkeyOnline2021:Mar 8-133429QTurkey, QWomen
55QTurkeyTurkeyOnline2021:Mar 8-134117QSB-METU & QSB-Bogazici
56QTunisiaTunisiaOnline2021:Mar 17-2173
57QWorld-QEgyptEgyptOnline2021:April 2-103617Entangling with QEgypt
58QTurkeyTurkeyOnline2021:April26-025620QSB İTÜ
59QRomaniaRomaniaOnline2021:May 10-1550
60QGreeceGreeceOnline2021:May 10-2141
61QWorld- QIrelandIrelandOnline2021:May 11-2096Entangling with Ireland
62QWorld-QZimbabweZimbabweOnline2021:June 11-2034Entangling with QZimbabwe
63QTurkeyTurkeyOnline2021:June 28-11248
64QWorldGlobalOnline2021:July 26-30416QWSS2021
65QWorld-QLibyaLibyaOnline2021:Sep 13-17Entangling with QLibya
66QPolandPolandOnline2021:Sep 20-24Quantum AI Foundation
68QWorld-QSpainSpainOnline2021:Oct 2-10Entangling with QSpain
69QWorldChinaOnline2021:Oct 15-30USTC
26 (+global)18 (+online)2661573