The future is Quantum by Dr. Radu Ionicioiu
18:30 (GMT+3), Thursday, May 13, 2021

Moderators and organizers: Andrei Voicu Tomut and Sorin Bolos (QRomania)
The presentation will be in Romanian. Prezentarea va fi în limba română.

From Radu:

“Quantum technologies are bringing a paradigm change in several fields, from computation and simulation to communication, sensing and imaging. Genuine quantum properties, like superposition, entanglement, and wave-particle duality are allowing us to perform things not possible in a classical world: teleportation, interaction-free imaging, and efficient quantum algorithms, to name only a few. This justifies the mantra of the second quantum revolution: “Quantum is a resource”. Thus, using quantum-stuff, we can do better-stuff. In this talk, I will give an overview of this brave new quantum world and discuss the impact quantum technologies will have in the future.”

About Radu:

Radu Ionicioiu has 20+ years of research experience in quantum information/quantum technologies. After obtaining his PhD in theoretical physics (Cambridge University, 1999), Radu has worked all over the world (UK, Italy, Australia, Canada) in both academia and industry (Hewlett-Packard Labs). His interests include all things Q: quantum technologies, quantum information, quantum imaging, quantum communications, quantum computers. He is the Romanian representative (Sherpa) in the EuroQCI Board and a member of the Strategic Advisory Board of EU Quantum Flagship. Radu has founded and coordinates RoQnet, Romanian Quantum Network, aiming to develop quantum technologies in Romania. Currently he is a Senior Researcher at IFIN-HH (Bucharest, Magurele).