We encourage quantum researchers and enthusiasts to share their knowledge and expertise on the most current results in quantum technologies and computing. QResearch is a department of the QAcademy that aims to popularize and, what is most important, create such results.

If you are willing to join us in creating the next quantum revolution, please contact us!

Our Team

Coordinators: Aritra Sarkar (QIndia), Oskar Słowik (QPoland)
Members: Kumar Prateek; Muhammad Waqar Amin; Aniekan Afangideh; Nidhi Biju Vazhayil; Hensley Badol
Contact: qresearch [at] qworld.net
Past Members: Krista Petersone (QLatvia); Engin Baç (QTurkey); Aleksandra Lipińska (QPoland); Abu Sayeed Md. Nasif; Yasir Ölmez; Yusharth Singh (QIndia); Nouhaila Innan; Shantanu Misra; Anand Nagesh; Denisa Vítková; Vikram Ravindra Kadam; Saarah Nazar
Past Coordinators: Adam Glos (QPoland), Zoltán Zimborás (QHungary)


QIntern is an internship program that allows collaborative work between more experienced people and those willing to learn more. Projects led by quantum researchers and enthusiasts focus on creating new software, educational materials, or research results. However, what is even more important is that the participants have a chance to meet new people, which may result in longer collaborations.

During the QIntern 2020 pilot program, we hosted over a dozen projects, most of which ended successfully. In the last days of the event, participants had an opportunity to share their outcomes and present their new educational materials, software, or research outcomes.

In the following years, we conducted QIntern 2021, QIntern 2022, and QIntern 2023, where each year, over 50 projects with a few hundred interns worked on preparing educational materials, researching various topics, contributing to existing software, and finally analyzing social aspects of quantum computing and technologies.

QIntern 2024 is set to launch in the summer of 2024.

Check out the QIntern events here:

Past activities

Research projects

We believe that high-quality research requires a simple reconstruction of results and easy access to the results by anyone. Finally, sharing our experiences is important – the more people with different skills join, the more likely it is that the research outcomes will meet high-quality criteria. Therefore we initiate research project programs. We welcome everyone to look for a team or formulate one!
Details can be found here.

Study groups

An excellent way of understanding a large piece of material is to meet in a small group and simply go through it together. This is the purpose of study groups: A bunch of people take the same material, split the content among themselves, and share their thoughts. A study group is a virtual place where you can study together with your teammates’ chosen materials.
Details can be found here.


QHackathons are a perfect way for intense knowledge and skills absorption. In 2019 QTurkey organized the first Quantum Programming Hackathon in Ankara, Turkey. Soon, on October 10-11, 2020, they ran the next edition of the event – Quantum Technology Hackathon.