Quantum Kitchen (QKitchen) is our public repository for developing and sharing our educational projects, our code, and similar materials. It is open to individuals and groups.

Currently, our workspace is available under https://gitlab.com/qkitchen and https://github.com/qkitchen.

Join us

If you’re willing to join our community, either with a new or to an existing project, please contact coordinators of QEducation or QResearch. In case you found it difficult contacting them, or you’re simply not sure whether your contribution suits better educational or research purposes, you can always contact us, coordinators of QKitchen, and we will be happy to help you!

Each contributor must accept our code of ethics and code of conduct and Code of Conduct of QKitchen workspace and then respect and follow the codes, rules, and regulations. In particular, QWorld uses open-source licenses, by default:

Furthermore, please keep in mind that each group and individual can keep their projects private up to a moment, but it should be public at the end. Further rules for each project may be determined by the owner(s)/maintainer(s)/department of the project, as long as they do not violate our or other relevant CoE or CoC.

Our Team

Coordinator: Adam Glos (QPoland, since November 2019)
Contact: qkitchen [at] qworld.lu.lv