QOyun2020: Quantum Games Hackathon

26-27 December 2020 | Online | QTurkey

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KTHack2020: Quantum Technologies Hackathon

10-11 October 2020 | Online | QTurkey

There is a growing interest in our country, regarding the rapidly developing field of quantum technologies in the world. KTHack2020 brings together enthusiasts, experts and academics who are interested in quantum technologies. In this context, we expanded our 2nd Hackathon, which we will organize as QTurkey / QWorld, to cover all quantum technologies and sub-sections this year.

Teams can develop ideas, projects and applications in quantum simulation, quantum computing, quantum sensing, quantum communication, and beyond. You can join Hackathon individually or with your team. Individual applications will be directed to form suitable groups before hackathon.

Awards will be given in 3 main categories in the Hackathon:

  • Academic / Scientific Studies
  • Industrial / Technological Solutions
  • Training and Education Materials

The total amount of awards in 3 categories under the sponsorship of PAVOTEK is 10.000 TL.

Teams participating in the Hackathon will submit their ideas, projects or applications to be evaluated under one of these categories. The presentations made by the teams in each category will be evaluated by the jury members who are experts in their fields.

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Quantum Programming Hackathon

14-15 December 2019 | Ankara | QTurkey

The event aimed to bring together people who are interested in developing quantum programming and want to meet this field through project-based learning. The hackathon was attended by those who know quantum programming, but also people interested in the subject and wanted willing to learn this subject from teammates.

Main Sponsors: METU Technopolis – Unitary Fund – Redeye

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