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QEducation is the department of QAcademy working on for educational and related activities under QWorld.

We have certain rules under QEducation department for ourselves, our contributors, and developers. Please read them by clicking here.


Soon, we will make a new call for tutorial preparation.

Basics of quantum computing and programming

Bronze is our introductory tutorial on the basics of quantum computing and programming. It has been developed since October 2018. In February 2021, we created Bronze-Qiskit with the support of IBM Quantum.

QBronze is our workshop series based on Bronze, which has been organized 53 times by February 2021.

Fundamentals of quantum computing and programming

Silver is our intermediate level tutorial on quantum computing and programming focusing on complex numbers, QFT and Shor’s Algorithm. Most of the Silver is prepared under the project QPool2019 GitLab repository in 2019-2020.

QSilver is our workshop series based on Silver. The first QSilver workshop is organized in April 2021.

We are working on creating new tutorials on quantum machine learning, quantum key distribution and quantum error correction. If you have any further ideas, please get in contact.

QTraining programs

QTraining for Bronze (2020) is our first formal training program for Bronze organized on September 14-25, 2020. Our main aim is to train mentors who will do mentoring later on in QBronze workshops organized by their groups, by the other QCousins, or by QWorld. More details can be found here.


OpenBlochSphere is a project to develop or modify open source tools to visualize and play with BlochSphere for educational purposes.

Our Team

Coordinators: Özlem Salehi (QWorld & QTurkey), Aurél Gábris (QWorld & QCzech), and Jibran Rashid (QWorld & QPakistan)
Vice-coordinators: Abdullah Khalid (QPakistan)
Contact: qeducation [at]

Members: Anastasija Trizna (QLatvia)