Sign up now and join us for an unforgettable experience at our quantum game competition!

Are you ready to take your gaming skills to the next level? If so, we invite you to join us for our upcoming quantum game competition – QGame! This unique event brings together a diverse group of professionals, including game developers, quantum physicists, visual artists, musicians, coders and more. Together, we will collaborate on developing games that connect to quantum physics.

Whether you have experience in game development or are simply interested in exploring the intersection of gaming and quantum physics thematically, this competition is for you.

We will be using the Pygame platform to create exciting and innovative games that push the boundaries of what is possible. Pygame is a free and open-source cross-platform library for the development of multimedia applications like video games using Python. It consists of computer graphics and sound libraries designed to be used with the Python programming language.

Not only will you have the opportunity to work with a diverse group of professionals from various fields, but you will also have the chance to showcase your skills and participate in Quantum Game Jam which will be held online from 15-17 September in Finland.

This is a great opportunity to network, learn new skills, and have fun while doing it.
So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and join us for an unforgettable experience at our quantum game competition!

Invited speakers

Dr. Oxana Mishina is a highly accomplished physicist with an impressive background in quantum experiments and research. She obtained her PhD in physics at St. Petersburg Polytechnical University and has since worked at renowned institutions such as the Niels Bohr Institute and Kastler-Brossel Laboratory.

Title: Photon for a Day

Abstract: Let’s act as if we were photons! We are going to cross an interferometer where the paths split and then cross again. In this role play, we will see if there are differences between how we and photons travel. Probably want to ask who these photons are. Come and discover!

Date: September 8th
Time: 5:30 PM IRST (UTC +3:30)

Laurentiu Nita is a PhD researcher at Durham University UK and the CEO of Quarks Interactive, a company focused on building software with the aim of making quantum computing accessible to everyone. Their first product, Quantum Odyssey transforms learning quantum computing and designing quantum algorithms into a fun and rewarding activity.

Title: Quantum Odyssey: Turning Quantum Computing into a Video Game

Abstract: Quantum Odyssey ( is both a learning platform and a puzzle game that teaches the player how to build their own quantum algorithms. Laurentiu Nita, the creator of the software will show you how you can create your own algorithms by using the visual rules depicting complex vector-matrix multiplications within Quantum Odyssey.

Date: September 10th
Time: 5:30 PM IRST (UTC +3:30)

Schedule of QGame

August 19 | 21:00 IRST
Installation (Pygame and Visual Studio)

August 21 | 21:00 IRST
Creating the Main Screen

August 23 | 21:00 IRST
Game characters Motion

August 26 | 21:00 IRST
Bullets movement and sound effects

August 28 | 21:00 IRST
Game Score, Export exe file

August 30 | 21:00 IRST
Questions-answers session

September 02| 21:00 IRST

September 04 | 21:00 IRST
Lab 2

September 06 | 21:00 IRST
Lab 3

QGame Team

Organizers: Mostafa Shabani, Malihe Yadavar
Marketing: Shahla (Zahra) Shahmohamadi
Educator: Narges Eqbali
Quantum Mentors: Farshid Zafari, Hamidreza Maleki, Murshed SK
Game dev Mentors: Narges Eqbali, Abdullah Al Omar Galib
Invited speakers: Oxana Mishina, Laurentiu Nita

qiran [at]

Code of Conduct

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