QCzech was founded by individuals from the Czech Technical University in Prague and the Masaryk University on 5 October 2020. Our goal is to connect experts and educators in quantum sciences from the Czech Republic to the QWorld commmunity. We intend to contribute to the QWorld network by organizing and participating in global programs and events. Our mission is to raise awarneness in quantum solutions among potential future users, and to bring education in quantum sciences and technology to educational institutions.

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Coordinators: Aurél Gábris & Daniel Reitzner
Contact: qczech [at] qworld.net


  • Aurél Gábris (coordinator) 
  • Daniel Reitzner (coordinator)
  • Jan Bouda
  • Libor Caha
  • Jakub Mareček
  • Ivo Petr
  • Martin Štefaňák
  • Tereza Štefková
  • Daniel Vašata
  • İskender Yalçınkaya