QGermany is a community focused on increasing awareness about the opportunities and potential of quantum technologies in Germany. Founded in November 2022 by a group of quantum enthusiasts, the organisation aims to inform and engage those interested in learning about this rapidly-evolving field.

In addition to providing educational resources and opportunities for skill development, QGermany also seeks to connect professionals and enthusiasts in the quantum community through networking events and other opportunities for collaboration and exchange. As an inclusive and welcoming community, QGermany is committed to supporting the advancement of quantum technology in Germany and to fostering a vibrant and engaged community of individuals interested in this exciting field.

qgermany [at] qworld.net

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Arthur Mendonça Faria
Elif Cetiner

Zeki Seskir
Bartu Yaman
Cristian Emiliano Godinez Ramirez
Mohammad Yaser Mofatteh
Berat Yenilen
Cagil Benibol
Yusuf Karli
Ismet Guven Ugras

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