QRussia is a QCousin organized by quantum computing researchers and educators from Russia. We organized the first workshops in November-December 2019 (in Kazan) in collaboration with QLatvia.

Among QRussia members are representatives of, i.a., Kazan Federal University.

Coordinators: Ilnaz Mannapov, Liliya Safina, Kamil Khadiev, Aliya Khadieva
Contact: qrussia [at] qworld.net

Leading Members
  • Ilnaz Mannapov (QAdministrator, QMentor, QMentor Trainer)
  • Liliya Safina (QAdministrator)
  • Kamil Khadiev (QAdministrator)
  • Aliya Khadieva (QMentor Trainer)
  • Artem Koryukin (QMentor, QMentor Trainer, PR)
  • Artak Sanamyan (QEducator, QMentor Trainer)
  • Stanislav Protasov (QEducator, QMentor)

VK: qworldrussia
Facebook: groups.qworldrussia, qworldrussia
Twitter: QRussia2
Instagram: qworldrussia

email: qrussia2019@gmail.com