Welcome to QSpring2022!

QSpring2022 | March-June, 2022

Welcome to QSpring2022 🙂 QWorld and twenty QCousins are (co-)organizing more than thirty local and global events, including quantum workshops, from March to June, 2022! Our events will be in English and several local languages.

QCourse570-1 is our fully online and twelve-week long graduate seminar course “Projects in Quantum”, conducted between March 1 and May 19, 2022. It is a continuation of QCourse511-1, and our students are working on 11 different projects.

QWorld Quantum Science Days 2022 is planned to be organized in May/June, and the details will be shared in April. The first edition hosted 5 invited talks, 26 contributed talks, and a dedicated session on QWorld’s research activities. The aim of our quantum science days is to provide opportunities to the quantum community to present and discuss their research results at all levels (from short projects to thesis work to research publications), and to get to know each other.

Quantum Eastern Europe (QEE) is a 2-day online event that will bring together those stakeholders in Eastern Europe for whom quantum science and technology is relevant. The event will raise awareness and transfer knowledge about quantum science and technology, foster synergies and collaborations between academia, industry, government, and interested individuals, and thereby strengthen the quantum ecosystem in this geographical area.

Quantum Workshops | QBronze & QSilver

We invite you to a series of workshops and trainings in the field of quantum computing and programming! We provide free participation in workshops at two levels of advancement (introductory & intermediate). Participation in the workshops is free, while the order of registration is decisive.

For our workshops we are inviting high school students, university and graduate students, researchers, professors, and industrial people. During the event, it will be possible to establish also new contacts, take part in an integration meetings and exchange of experiences between participants at various stages of their scientific careers.

During workshops, we will use our tutorials Bronze-Qiskit and Silver. We will use Discord to communicate with each other and conduct the workshop by Zoom meetings. Jupyter notebooks and Zoom lectures will be in English, mentoring will be available also in local languages. During all workshops, mentors are provided who will answer questions and consult on the progress in learning.

About the program


Bronze-Qiskit is QWorld’s introductory level quantum programming workshop series. It is a collection of Jupyter notebooks, and each notebook has many programming tasks to provide hands-on experiences. Bronze-Qiskit is an active version of Bronze using Qiskit as the quantum programming framework. The course material is designed for everyone who wants to learn the basics of quantum computing and learn how to write simple quantum programs. The only prerequisite is a basic knowledge of programming (e.g., using conditionals and loops) in Python.

Bronze-Qiskit has five main sections, and for each of them, the participant should spend about 3-4 hours. Their scope includes basics of classical systems, basics of quantum systems, quantum operators on a quantum bit, entanglement and basics quantum protocols, and quantum search algorithm.

List of events for QBronze

OrganizerTimeStatusMore information
QMorocco March 5-6 & 12-13CompletedQBronze78
QPoland & QIrelandMarch 7-11 Completed QBronze79
QWorld (entangling event for QFrance) April 4,6,8,11,13 CompletedQBronze80
QHungaryFirst week of April Completed To be announced
QWorld (in Montenegro)April 9-10 & 16-17 Completed QBronze82
QTurkeyApril 11-17 Completed To be announced
QIndiaMay 27-29 & June 3-5 Soon QBronze85
QLibyaMay Planned To be announced
QEgyptMay 12-13 & 19-20 CompletedQBronze84
QZimbabwe & QNigeriaMay 23-27 Soon QBronze88
QSlovakia & QCzechJune 6-10 Soon QBronze90
QWorld (entangling event for QIran) May 21-22 & 28-29 Soon QBronze86
QMexicoJune Planned To be announced


QSilver is QWorld’s intermediate-level workshop series on quantum computing and programming focusing on complex numbers, QFT, and Shor’s Algorithm. Silver includes two different quantum programming frameworks, Qiskit and Cirq. Each notebook consists of some theoretical background about the subject, and programming tasks. Silver is designed for everyone with a basic knowledge of quantum computing concepts like qubits, quantum gates and quantum circuits and some hand-on experience in quantum programming.

Silver has five main sections, and their scope includes an introduction to complex numbers, Bloch Sphere, operations with Complex Numbers, quantum Fourier Transform and its applications, and Shor’s algorithm.

List of events for QSilver

Organizer Time Status More information
QGreeceApril 11-16 (April 14 day off) Completed QSilver5
QRomania AprilCompleted To be announced
QLatviaMiddle of April or May Planned To be announced
QTurkeyMay 2-8 Completed To be announced
QZimbabwe & QNigeriaJune Planned To be announced
QSlovakia & QCzechSecond half of June Planned To be announced
QLibya May – July Planned To be announced
QHungaryFirst half of June Planned To be announced
QIndiaSecond half of June Planned To be announced
QTunisia & QEgyptJune 17-25 Soon QSilver8
QMoroccoJune 18-19 & 25-26 Soon QSilver9
QPakistanJune 3-4 & 6-8 Soon QSilver7
QPolandJuly Planned To be announced

QTraining for Silver

QTraining for Silver is an internal 2-week training program for Silver, the intermediate tutorial of QWorld. The main aim of the program is to train mentors and instructors who will do mentoring and lecturing later on QSilver workshops organized by their groups, by the other QCousins, or by QWorld. The prerequisite is having basic knowledge of quantum computing or participating in one of the previous QSilver.

QTraining for Silver is conducted from March 21 to April 03, 2022.

Contact: info [at] qworld.net


  • You can sign up for workshops through the registration forms available on the websites of individual events.
  • The workshops are free of charge, however, the order of applications or the limit of people may decide about qualifying.
  • Remember, if you are a minor, fill in the registration form for minors.
  • The tutorials are in English, so the basic understanding of English is necessary. The workshops will be conducted in various languages. For more information, please visit the workshop page.

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Quantum workshops | Homework and Diploma

We will use Canvas learning management system for homework tracking. Homework will be given on a daily basis and it will involve both multiple choice questions and coding assignments. Participants who earn 70/100 within the deadline will be awarded a diploma.

Join our workshops for happy learning!

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