QUAE is the local chapter of a non-profit organization QWorld Association. With a shared vision to popularize quantum computing and related fields, QUAE aims to foster educational initiatives, research programs, and collaborative environments for quantum enthusiasts and researchers worldwide.

At the forefront of technological advancement, QUAE recognizes the profound potential of the quantum realm, often referred to as the “Entanglement Frontier” by experts like Prof. John Preskill. It seeks to build a robust, educative, and informative community centered around quantum technologies.

QUAE’s activities encompass a wide range of initiatives, including tutorial lab sessions, workshops, short-term research projects, and hosting events featuring experts from academia and industry. By organizing such events, QUAE enables knowledge-sharing, skill-building, and networking opportunities for individuals interested in quantum science and technologies, nurturing the next generation of quantum talent.

As part of the QWorld global network, QUAE benefits from established collaborations and educational resources. It works collaboratively with QWorld to make quantum accessible to curious individuals worldwide, contributing to the development of educational materials, research endeavors, and organizing QTalks—an avenue for insightful discussions.

Whether you’re a quantum enthusiast exploring the field, an enterprising individual seeking collaborative projects, or an aspiring researcher looking to contribute to the quantum landscape, QUAE welcomes you. Join QUAE’s transformative journey into the fascinating world of quantum technologies. Stay connected via social media channels and engage in discussions that shape the future of quantum science and its applications.

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Core Team:
Husayn Gokal (husayn@quae.ae)
Tasnim Ahmed (tasnim@quae.ae)
Musab bin Umair (musab@quae.ae)

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