Qiskit Workshop Summer 2021 by QMexico

The aim of this workshop is to share knowledge about Quantum Computing through Qiskit, an SDK developed by IBM that allows programming quantum computers.

As part of the activities of the Qiskit Summer Jam Mexico 2021 (QSJM21) by the Juvenile Scientific Society (SCJ), QMexico will give this workshop from August 2 to 7. However, this course is open to anyone interested in learning how to use Qiskit, whether they are participating in QSJM21. The material and live sessions will be in Spanish.

The course will be given from August 2 to 7, 2021. Live sessions will be from 6 pm to 8 pm CDT.

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About the program:

The Qiskit 2021 Workshop organized by QMexico is a one-week workshop on quantum computing and programming using Qiskit. The objective is to introduce the wide range of packages within the IBM SDK, how they are divided, and the purpose of each; including Terra, Aer, Ignis, as well as the latest application packages: Finance, Optimization, Nature, and Machine Learning.

This workshop is based on tutorials made in Jupyter Notebooks and live sessions of two hours a day given by the members of QMexico, all the material will be in Spanish. There will also be office hours during the subsequent week, which is a period between the Workshop and the QSJM21. Much of the work will need to be done by the students on their own. The sessions will be to answer questions and will also be recorded for those who cannot attend.

QMexico performs this synergy with the SCJ to promote the knowledge about Quantum Computing in Spanish. Part of the purpose of the workshop is to provide knowledge to the participants of the Qiskit Sumer Jam Mexico 2021 so that they can carry out high-level projects at the event.


Registration must be carried out separately for each event, in this way it is possible to attend the Workshop or the QSJM21, we recommend that you participate in both!

Registration to the Qiskit Workshop 2021 by QMexico: Registration form to the Qiskit Workshop >>
Registration to Qiskit Summer Jam Mexico 2021: Registration form to QSJM21 >>

Project Coordinators

Claudia Zendejas-Morales
Claudia collaborates with Quantum Flytrap, she is part of QWorld’s QIntern program, she is a teacher assistant at the Faculty of Sciences from UNAM, and she is a founding member of QMexico, she has participated in the QOSF program collaborating with The Matter Lab group at the University of Toronto, she has collaborated with the Qubit by Qubit program by developing material focused on Qiskit for this course, also she collaborates in different organizations focused on the teaching and promotion of Quantum Computing, she studied a BS in Physics at UNAM, a BE in Computer Engineering at UAEM, and she was part of the USEQIP program organized by the University of Waterloo where she plans to continue her graduate studies. She is certified by IBM as Associate Developer – Quantum Computation using Qiskit v0.2X.

Bruno Ramírez Galindo
Originally from Queretaro, Mexico. Bruno is currently on the last year of his Physics BSc at UNAM, Mexico’s leading university. After being introduced to Quantum Computing in his Quantum Mechanics course, he decided to enroll in a more advanced QC course and later participated in IBM’s Qiskit Global Summer School where he met other founding members of QMexico. This year (2021) Bruno will be taking part in the USEQIP program, organized by the Institute of Quantum Computing (University of Waterloo). This will allow him to gain more advanced knowledge on the theoretical and experimental aspects of QC and QI. He expects this summer program to be a stepping stone in his pursuit of a quantum-focused graduate degree. In the following years, he hopes to gain valuable experience in what he acknowledges to be his passion, scientific research. While he is not studying quantum mechanics or programming quantum computers, Bruno enjoys music, reading, and laughing with friends and family. He also loves dogs.


Javier Andres Orduz-Ducuara
Dr. Javier Orduz is a Research Scholar of Computer Science at Baylor University in Texas, USA. He worked in UNAM (Mexico) for five years as a Postdoctoral and Associate Professor before arriving in the USA and working with Dr. Erich Baker and Dr. Pablo Rivas. He also coordinates QMexico (http://qmexico.org/), an academic community interested in promoting Quantum Computing in Latin America. He participates as Research Scientist in Baylor AI, a group led by Dr. Rivas (https://baylor.ai/), is a mentor in LatinX community (https://www.latinxinai.org/), and has experience teaching and researching Quantum Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, Machine Learning, and High Energy Physics. 

Diego Aguilar Muñoz
Originally from Mexico City, Diego is currently an undergraduate physics student at UNAM, where he has developed a growing interest in quantum computing, solid state physics and computational physics. 
In the near future, Diego’s goal is to pursue a graduate degree in quantum technology where he will gain a deeper comprehension of quantum mechanics and will contribute to the implementation of quantum technology as a tool for scientific development.

Pablo González
Pablo is originally from Tampico, Tamaulipas. His love for invention and science was discovered at an early age as he created for himself a laboratory made from old electronics and his imagination. Pablo is currently an undergraduate student at the Instituto Tecnologico de Ciudad Madero in the career of electronic engineering. Pablo starred in various projects such as entrepreneurship, technological education and scientific dissemination. His passion for quantum programming arises from his work on machine learning and deep learning for robotics projects to improve intelligence in robots and software.

Course content

The workshop material will contain the topics listed below.
The live sessions will be given from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. from Monday, August 2 to Saturday, August 7 via Zoom.

  • Installation and work in the cloud with Qiskit
    • Introduction to the tool
    • Access to IBM services and devices
  • Qiskit Terra
    • Quantum circuits
    • Quantum gates
    • Multi-qubit and controlled gates
    • States visualization, Bloch sphere, Q-Sphere
    • Transpiler, coupling maps
    • Qiskit Pulse
    • Basic quantum algorithms
  • Qiskit Aer
    • Simulators: QASM Simulator, State Vector Simulator, and Pulse Simulator
    • Accessing and visualizing the results of an experiment
    • Sending to real devices in the cloud
    • Noiseless experiments
    • Noise experiments
      • Custom noise
      • Importing noise models from a real device
  • Qiskit Ignis
    • Gate characterization
    • Relaxation and decoherence
    • Calibration matrix
    • Error mitigation techniques
  • Application frameworks
    • qiskit-finance
    • qiskit-optimization
    • qiskit-nature
    • qiskit-machine-learning


The syllabus shown above assumes that the attendee has a basic understanding of Python, quantum mechanics, and the fundamentals of quantum computing. Resources will be provided for those participants who need to learn these prerequisites before the start of the course.