QLibya is a non-profit organization that brings quantum computing researchers together & prepares the next generation of quantum scientists across Libya.

Why was QLibya formed?

As quantum technology is now moving from the lab to the mainstream, it becomes important to take advantage of timing, and prepare the right educational environment for the future quantum workforce in Libya. This will open the doors for the Libyan educational systems to establish special programmes in quantum information science.

QLibya was formed upon the vision to bridge the Libyan institutions with the global educational institutions by means of engaging the tech community with world class quantum education resources.

Our mission:
  • Providing a quantum programming environment for those enthusiasts with no barriers for everyone.
  • Advocating Quantum Computing Education & Programming across Libya, and preparing special academic programmes .
  • Building strong quantum education programmes with the leading global research hubs.
  • Working with academia, stakeholders and to instruct the quantum information science roadmap across Libya.

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If you want to join the team to organise such events, send us an email to
qlibya [at] qworld.net

Abdulmalik Baitulmal
Ramy Harib
Firas Musbah
Alla ElHaddad
Tayma Aldahmani

Sanabel Alkoni
Maab Alaqtaa
Malak Elghriani
Jawhara Emhemed
Waed Gherwash