QIntern 2023 | The summer quantum internship program of QWorld.

QIntern is the summer quantum internship program of the QWorld Association, hosted by the QResearch Department. The goal of QIntern is to encourage and support collaborative work in quantum information science and technology, bringing together more experienced people (mentors) and those willing to learn more (interns).

In case of successful application, each intern is assigned to a project and gets involved in developing new software, education materials, or research results. The scope of the projects is broad and the mentors represent different areas of research and practice in the quantum world. Some internships may result in longer collaborations. 

QIntern 2022 | Your quantum internship at QWorld

Your quantum internship at QWorld 

QIntern 2023 will be a seven-week program from July ?? till August ??. As an intern, you will work remotely under the supervision of a mentor. QWorld will provide organizational support and communication platforms. Your internship will be an individual or a group project, depending on the topic and preferred mode of collaboration. In addition to acquiring new skills and professional experience, you will meet other interns and get acquainted with the QWorld community.
QIntern2023 is a program that will help you find the right way into the quantum ecosystem. 

See the interns’ publications from QIntern2021 edition

U. Azad, A. Lipińska, S. Mahato, R. Sachdeva, D. Bhoumik, R. Majumdar, Surface Code design for asymmetric error channel
Read the preprint >

Yash Wath, Hariprasad M, Freya Shah, Shashank Gupta, Eavesdropping a Quantum Key Distribution network using sequential quantum unsharp measurement attacks
Read the preprint >

Ashish Arya, Ludmila Botelho, Fabiola Cañete, Dhruvi Kapadia, Özlem Salehi, Music composition using quantum annealing
Read the preprint >

Check also other projects implemented in last year’s edition of internship program.

Best projects and presentations

At the end of QIntern 2022, the jury evaluated the projects along with the presentation of the projects. Prizes were awarded in 2 categories, as follows.

For the projects:

  • The first prize went to the project Resource-tailored multi-controlled NOT implementation and Designing a 20-Qubit Flip-chip Superconducting Processor .
  • The second prize went to the projects Continuous variable quantum random number generators and N-Queens Solver Implementation for Optimization of Communication System by Qiskit.
  • The third prize went to the projects QMap and Integer factorization through QAOA .

For the presentations:

  • The first prize was won by the project Resource-tailored multi-controlled NOT implementation .
  • The second prize went to the projects QMap and Designing a 20-Qubit Flip-chip Superconducting Processor.
  • The third prize went to the projects Unraveling the gender diversity in Quantum Science and Tech, N-Queens Solver Implementation for Optimization of Communication System by Qiskit, and Plant leaf disease detection using quantum variable neural network.

Quotes from participants from QIntern 2021

What is your opinion on the QIntern programme? QIntern is a unique opportunity to perform research breaking the barrier of physical distance. It allows students and mentors all over the world to meet and work on a project of interest. In QIntern 2021 I had the pleasure of working with some wonderful and bright students. I not only mentored them, but learned from them. We solved a problem of interest, which we are expecting to be published. It helped me gain experience on mentoring, added research experience and publication on my resume.
Ritajit Majumdar (Mentor)

What did you like most in QIntern 2021? It was an amazing experience in QIntern2021 as that was my first Internship. Was exposed to some amazing projects and ideas. Very good support and guidance from mentors. What I liked most about the internship is the projects that were showcased which is very innovative.
Tamal Acharya (Intern)

How was QIntern 2022 beneficial for your experience/knowledge/career? It helped me move forward research on solving routing problems using quantum computing, initiate new research directions, conduct new experiments, build a research team, prepare a quantum computing session at the Warsaw IT Days 2022 conference. Together with my team, we are still researching and working on publications (both scientific and popular science).
Paweł Gora (mentor)

Timeline for the quantum internship | QIntern 2023

  • 21 May: project proposal submission deadline
  • 24 May: official announcement of the list of projects
  • 25 May – 8 June: call for interns
  • 8 June: late project proposal submission deadline
  • 13 June – 26 June: recruitment phase
  • 1 July – 22 August: QIntern main part
  • 23 August and 24 August 27 and 28 August: mini-workshop for presenting the outcomes of projects

Get involved

If You are interested in mentoring a project or participating as an intern, please fill out the appropriate form below to join the event! Please make sure that you read and accept our rules available here. We would like to remind you that interns need to be at least 14 years old to participate in the event, and each minor (below 18) should send consent signed by his/her guardian available here to qintern [at] qworld.net.

The application form for interns>>

The application form for mentors >>

For any more information please contact us at qintern [at] qworld.net.


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