QIran was founded in May 2022, as the national branch of the non-profit global organization QWorld. Our main goal is to popularize quantum computing and other subjects of quantum science and technologies to all those who are interested in it and wish to build a career in such fields.

QIran aims to organize various educational events and research programs. This includes tutorial lab sessions, workshops, short-term research projects, and hosting events with experts from Academic/Industry sectors.

Moreover, we tend to establish a collaborative environment among Iranian enthusiasts/researchers in pursuance of expanding our community.

So feel free to reach out via qiran [at] qworld.net and follow us on social media.
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Core Members:
Malihe Yadavar (she/her) [Education]
Hayede Zarei (she/her) [Research]
Abbas (Omid) Hassasfar (he/him) [Education]
Hossein Khalili Yazdi (he/him) [Education]

Shahla (Zahra) Shahmohamadi (she/her) [Support Manager & Marketing Head]

Mostafa Shabani (he/him) [Chairperson]

Mohammad Reza Bahman Nejad (he/him) [Marketing]
Mohammad Javad Sohrabi (he/him) [Marketing]
Hamed Yajam (he/him) [Marketing]
Ali Kookani (he/him) [Education]
Hossein Khabazipour (he/him) [Research]
Farshid Zafari [Education]
Narges Eqbali [Education]
Atieh Sadeghinejad Saryazdi [Education]

Payman Kazemikhah (he/him) – Former Member (May 2022 – July 2023)
Yousef Mafi (he/him) – Former Member (May 2022 – July 2023)
Armin Ahmadkhaniha (he/him) [Research]

Past events: