QSpain is a think tank created with the aim of fostering and promoting quantum computing, from Spain. QSpain brings together different experts, both from academia and industry, with the aim of serving as a bridge between quantum computing research groups and companies interested in these technologies, channelling the needs of each company to the most appropriate expert group. QSpain also brings together critical masses to compose multidisciplinary teams aimed at solving the challenges of companies and society. All this without forgetting the training aspect, articulating the most appropriate mechanisms and contents to train different user profiles in quantum computing.

To this end, QSpain is organised around four areas of action:

  • Business relations under the Vice-Presidency for Business.
  • Development of several educational initiatives both for companies and for universities and research centres interested in this subject by the Vice-Presidency for Education.
  • Relations with public institutions are handled by the Vice-Presidency for Communication.
  • The sharing of new or existing research topics related to quantum computing, and of interest not only to the think tank but also to other stakeholders, is managed by the Vice President for Research.

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If you want to join the team to organise such events, send us an email to
qspain [at] qworld.net

President: Elías F. Combarro
Secretary: Ester Martín
Vicepresident Education: Carmina Almudéver
Vicepresident Outreach: Eduard Alarcón Vicepresident
Research: Fernando L. Pelayo Vicepresident
Industry: Raúl García

José Ranilla
Enrique Arias
Guillermo Botella
Fernando Cuartero
Francisco Gálvez