QColombia is a non-profit organization that advocates for the development of quantum technologies in Colombia. QColombia provides resources for students to get acquainted with the fundamental concepts of quantum computing and quantum physics, as well as an inclusive discussion environment for everyone interested in taking part of these exciting fields of research.

Quantum technologies are proving one of the most fruitful research fields nowadays. Results on artificial intelligence and optimization show that this area of knowledge will be key for the advancement of science and industry in the forseeable future. Hence, QColombia was envisioned as a catalyzer for the development of quantum computing hubs across Colombia. By providing learning and teaching resources, as well as seminars on specialized topics, QColombia sets out to building a strong community where researches of different fields and students with different backgrounds can discuss cutting edge ideas.

QColombia was also created with the aim of connection colombian researchers and students with international groups that share their passion for quantum computing. This would increase the participation of colombian scientists and engineers on the development of cutting edge research in this area in particular.

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Diego Alejandro Herrera Rojas
Cristian Andrey Galvis Florez
Alejandro Gómez Cadavid
Johan Katherine Noreña Bahamon
Anamaria García Hernández
Alejandro Grajales Dau
Karen Milena Fonseca Romero
Fabio Romero Manrique

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