Quantum Summer School 2021 | July 26 – August 8, 2021

Quantum Summer School 2021 is the 2-weeks quantum workshop series organized by QWorld (Association). Its program is addressed to high school students, university and graduate students, researchers, professors, and industrial people interested in their development towards quantum computing and quantum programming. During the event, it will be possible to establish also new contacts, take part in an integration meetings and exchange of experiences between participants at various stages of their scientific careers.

As part of the summer school, participants will complete a two-tier program: QBronze-Qiskit as an introductory level and QSilver as an intermediate level workshop series. Classes will be held remotely from July 26 to August 8, 2021, on the Zoom and Discord platforms.

Homework will be given daily and the participants who successfully complete the homework will be awarded a Bronze and/or Silver diploma.

About the program:

Bronze-Qiskit is QWorld’s introductory level quantum workshop series. It is a collection of Jupyter notebooks, and each notebook has many programming tasks to provide hands-on experiences. Bronze-Qiskit is the active version of Bronze using Qiskit as the quantum programming framework. The prerequisite is to know the basics of programming (variables and basic data types, loops, and conditionals). Any previous experience in python will be helpful.

Bronze-Qiskit has five main sections, and for each of them, the participant should spend about 3-4 hours. Their scope includes basics of classical systems, basics of quantum systems, quantum operators on a quantum bit, entanglement and basics quantum protocols, and quantum search algorithm.

QSilver is QWorld’s intermediate-level workshop series on quantum computing and programming focusing on complex numbers, QFT, and Shor’s Algorithm. Silver includes two different quantum programming frameworks, Qiskit and Cirq. Each notebook consists of some theoretical background about the subject, and programming tasks. Silver is designed for everyone with a basic knowledge of quantum computing concepts like qubits, quantum gates and quantum circuits and some hand-on experience in quantum programming.

Silver has five main sections, and their scope includes an introduction to complex numbers, Bloch Sphere, operations with Complex Numbers, quantum Fourier Transform and its applications, and Shor’s algorithm.


Thanks for your interest. We’ve reached our capacity, so the application forms are closed.
There will be new workshops in the upcoming months to apply for.
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Our Team

Program director: Özlem Salehi (QWorld, QTurkey)
Program committee: Abdullah Khalid (QPakistan), Aurél Gábris (QWorld, QCzech), Jibran Rashid (QWorld, QPakistan)
Organizer: QEducation Department 
Marketing: Agnieszka Wolska (QWorld)

Leaders: Sahar Ben Rached, Cem Nurlu (QTurkey), Maksim Dimitrijev (QWorld, QLatvia), Özlem Salehi (QWorld, QTurkey), Aurél Gábris (QWorld, QCzech), Jibran Rashid (QWorld, QPakistan)

Tutorial session leaders: Saba Bozpolat, Shantanu Misra, Vishal Sharathchandra Bajpe, Saptarshi Sahoo, Nitya Devaraj, Pınara Evren Korkmazgil, Erdem Yigit Ertorer, Maryam Asif, Aleksandra Lipińska

Mentors: Claudia Zendejas-Morales, Vishal Sharathchandra Bajpe, Kenneth Isamade, Dhruvi Kapadia, Anuj Mehrotra, Viratkumar Kothari, Sai Venkat Veerabomma, Nouhaila Innan, Maryam Asif, Ashish Arya

Technical Staff: Furkan Eşref Yazıcı (Discord admin), Noura Abdelhafez (Discord), Nagme Oruz (Discord), Engin Bahri Baç (Discord), Balaji Seetharaman (Youtube), Jyoti Faujdar (Youtube), Bao Bach Gia (Youtube), Arda Çınar (E-mails)

Events: Lorraine Tsitsi Majiri (Networking), Saptarshi Sahoo (Kahoot), Kenneth Isamade (Kahoot), Vishal Bajpe (Kahoot)

Arabic tutorial session leaders (QMorocco): Adnani Hinde (Coordinator)
Romanian tutorial session leaders (QRomania): Tomut Andrei Voicu (Coordinator)
Russian tutorial session leaders (QRussia): Ilnaz Mannapov (Coordinator), Artem Koryukin, Stanislav Protasov, Kamil Hadi, Artem Koryukin
Spanish tutorial session leaders (QMexico): Javier Orduz (Coordinator), A. Alejandra Sánchez Manilla, Pablo Gerardo González González, Claudia Zendejas-Morales, Bruno Ramírez, Amadeo De La Vega
Turkish tutorial session leaders (QTurkey): Doğuş Köse (Coordinator), Engin Bahri Baç, Yasir Ölmez, Adem Erik, Burcu Şanal, Pınara Evren Korkmazgil, Erdem Yiğit Ertörer, Saba Bozpolat


The workshop will be held during 2 consecutive weeks with approximately requiring 40 hours of training. Participants are expected to follow the workshop materials and complete the tasks on their own. Each day, there will be a theoretical session at 15:00 GMT about the content of the day and participants will have a chance to ask their questions. Later during the day, there will be a tutorial session in which the focus will be on programming and some programming tasks will be solved. During the day, participants will be able to get help from the mentors in the Discord server. The topics to be covered each day by the participants is given below.

July 24, Saturday | Welcome meeting, introducing Discord and Canvas, information about installation

QBronze program:

July 26, Monday | Basics of classical systems
July 27, Tuesday | Basics of quantum systems
July 28, Wednesday | Quantum operators on a real valued qubit, multiple qubits
July 29, Thursday | Entanglement and superdense coding, quantum teleportation
July 30, Friday | Grover’s Search

QSilver program:

August 2, Monday | Introduction to complex numbers
August 3, Tuesday | Bloch Sphere, operators with complex numbers
August 4, Wednesday | Quantum Fourier Transform
August 5, Thursday | Quantum phase estimation, order finding algorithm
August 6, Friday | Shor’s Algorithm

Homework and Diploma

We will use Canvas learning management system for homework tracking. Homework at every stage (QBronze and QSilver) will be given daily, and it will involve both multiple-choice questions and coding assignments. Participants who satisfy the minimum requirements will be awarded diplomas!

Join our Quantum Summer School for happy learning!