QWorldChallenge2020 Autumn Edition

Interested in delving into quantum programming, learning about superposition, measurement, quantum teleportation, and much more? Join one of the QBronze workshops during the QWorldChallenge2020 Autumn Edition!

During this Autumn Edition, which will last until the end of November 2020, we are planning a series of local QBronze workshops organized by our QCousins as well as global QBronze workshops. Participation in the workshops is free, while the order of registration is decisive.

The challenge will be finalized with our Global Quantum Programming Workshop | QBronze
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“Quantum computing and programming” is still a relatively new scientific area, however, arousing more and more interest. To bring this topic closer to all interested parties, we have created an original, introductory series of QBronze workshops. QBronze is based on a collection of Jupyter notebooks using Python as the programming language and Qiskit library for writing quantum programs.

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The course material is designed for everyone who wants to learn the basics of quantum computing and learn how to write simple quantum programs. The only prerequisite is a basic knowledge of programming (e.g., using conditionals and loops) in Python. We especially encourage high school students to participate in the workshops, for whom special sessions and lectures within QTalk for Juniors are planned.

During all online workshops, we will take turns using the Discord to conduct the workshop and the Zoom for daily meetings. We have also prepared video lectures to help the participants completing the notebooks on their own. Mentor support will be provided during the workshops allowing participants to ask their questions and share their progress.

The following QCousins are participating in the QWorldChallenge 2020: QTurkey, QLatvia, QPakistan, QRussia, QHungary, QCzech, QTunisia, and QPoland. We are also entangling with QMexico and QIreland and initiating QRomania during the challenge. Stay up to date and check our website and social media regularly!

Join our workshops for happy learning!