QIndia is a non-profit volunteer organization aimed at spreading awareness and engaging people from diverse backgrounds in conversations on topics relevant to Quantum technologies/future. We organize lecture series, workshops and research projects to explore and improve our understanding. We see QIndia as an excellent platform to engage in and learn about the how and why of Quantum computing.

Whether you are just Qurious (= Quantum + curious) and here to test the waters, or an enterprising individual looking to work on cool collaborative projects, or here to nurture the next generation of quantum talent, QIndia would love to have you on board. And if you have an idea to implement and the resolve to see it to fruition, you’re more than welcome to discuss it with us on Discord or any of the social media platforms listed below. So all ye wizards, let’s roll up our sleeves, hunker down, and make QIndia the beacon of the Indian Quantum landscape.

We at QIndia are also proud to be a part of the QWorld global network that is already so well established. Under their aegis, we plan on working to make Quantum accessible to all Qurious individuals. We also intend on contributing to their already excellent educational materials, research endeavors, and organizing QTalks.

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Contact: qindia [at] qworld.net or qindiagroup [at] gmail.com

Steering Committee Members:
Akash Kundu (he/him)
Ankit Khandelwal (he/him)
Aritra Sarkar (he/him)
Devika Sharma (she/her)
Karthigeyan Shankar (he/him)
Jyoti Faujdar (she/her)
Padmapriya Mohan (she/her)
Rijul Sachdeva (she/her)
Rishi Sreedhar (he/him) [Chairperson]
Salini Karuvade (she/her)
Shodasakshari Vidya (she/her)
Sriram Gopalakrishnan (he/him)