QSlovenia is a community formed by passionate Slovenian quantum enthusiasts. Our goal is to connect experts, educators and enthusiasts in quantum sciences from Slovenia to the QWorld community. We believe quantum technologies will be an important part of our world in the future. Our mission is to raise awareness in quantum solutions among potential future users, and to inspire curiosity about the possibilities of quantum technologies and quantum computing.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Educational Workshops & Training Sessions: We offer beginner-friendly workshops and training sessions to introduce you to the fundamentals of QC. We offer also a live presentation of a two qubit quantum computer at work.
  • Expert Talks: Gain insights from quantum specialists in Slovenia and around the world through our talks. Stay updated on the latest advancements and real-world applications of quantum technologies.
  • Community Events: Join a network of passionate individuals like yourself. We organize interactive workshops, training sessions, and discussions to foster collaboration and learning.

If you’re passionate about science and education, and excited about the potential of quantum technologies, we encourage you to join our team!
Send us an email at qslovenia [at] qworld.net and let’s explore the possibilities together.


Aljoša Žerjal

Dean Mozetič
Branko Kavšek
Branka Žerjal