QGreece was founded from the Dept. of Digital Systems, University of Thessaly and by individuals from the Dept. of Physics, School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, National Technical University of Athens on March 2021. Our goal is to create an open ecosystem for quantum technologies and quantum software and algorithms so that anyone interested can join. We intend to contribute to the QWorld network by organizing and participating in both local and global events.

Our mission is to spread out quantum computing and raise awareness among future potential users as well as bring quantum technologies to all levels of Education, Institutions and Research Centers.

Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | qgreece.uth.gr

Coordinators: Ilias Savvas, Ioannis Theodonis, Ilias Galanis, and Alexandros Pagonis
Contact: qgreece [at] qworld.net

Members of QGreece:

  • Ilias Savvas (coordinator)
  • Ioannis Theodonis (coordinator)
  • Ilias Galanis (coordinator)
  • Alexandros Pagonis (coordinator)
  • George Kakarontzas
  • Gergia Garani
  • Costas Chaikalis
  • Apostolos Xenakis
  • Omiros Iatrellis
  • Tilemachos Stylianos
  • Maria Avramouli
  • Maria Sabani
  • Michail Angelos Tsiantakis
  • Nikos Sdoumpos
  • Theodoros Syklafidis
  • Mike Xenakis
  • Themistoklis Promyriotis
  • Karoli Franko
  • Panagiotis Papastathis
  • Dimitrios Sterkou
  • Theodora Rapti
  • Evaggelos Makridis
  • Eleni Anagnostou
  • Panagiotis Apostolidis
  • Ioannis Athanatos
  • Pavlos Bozoglou
  • Ioannis Athanatos
  • Christos-Marios Tsivos
  • Nikolaos Gkouziotis
  • Dimitrios Paidis
  • Eleni Karidi
  • Gerasimos Niforos