What is QNEPAL?
QNepal, a QCousin to QWorld, is a non-profit volunteer organization with the goal of promoting and educating quantum computing and future prospects, specifically in the context of Nepal.
Our goal is to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds, including academia and industry, to explore, discuss, and advance the understanding of quantum concepts.

Through a series of lecture programs, workshops, and collaborative research projects, QNepal seeks to create a platform where individuals with varying levels of curiosity and expertise can come together to learn about and contribute to quantum-related topics. Whether you are a quantum enthusiast keen on testing the waters of this transformative technology or a determined individual looking to work on innovative quantum projects, QNepal welcomes all to be a part of our growing community.

At QNepal, we strongly believe in making quantum knowledge accessible to everyone. As a proud member of the global QWorld network, we collaborate with other organizations to enhance accessibility and inclusivity in the world of quantum computing. Additionally, we strive to contribute to QWorld’s educational materials, and research initiatives and organize engaging QTalks to enrich the learning experience for individuals in Nepal.

More here: https://qubitnepal.com/qnepal/
The details of our first event can be found here: https://qubitnepal.com/qnepal/qbronze115/. We had many registrations and 70+ students graduated with QBronze115. The enthusiasm about quantum computing among the young minds is amazing!

You can contact us via email at qnepal [at] world.net
First Event Website | Linkedin | Facebook | Discord

QNepal Goals

  • Educate students and enthusiasts
    • Teach and promote quantum computing courses like QBronze, QSilver to students ranging from high school students to graduate students and provide diplomas
      • Guest lectures
  • Research Opportunities
    • Connect with researchers and bring research projects
      • Guide BSc project work and MSc thesis
  • Assistance in further studies
    • MS and Ph.D. application guidance (if needed)
      • Scholarship and Internship opportunities
  • Grow and develop skills
    • Develop skills like teaching, public speaking, and social media management skills

QNepal Steering Committee:
Coordinator: Sabin Thapa
Vice-Coordinator: Aman Ganeju
Core Members: Lenish Pandey, Shreedip Kaini, Pradeep Karki, Abdullah Al Omar Galib, Yue-chi Pata Magar, Tara Rana, Ashok Aryal, Saurav Raut, Sunil Kumar Mahato
Advisory Committee: Prof Gokarna Sharma, Dr. Dibakar Sigdel, Prof. Gokul KC (from KU), Dr. Hari Paudel

The QNepal Fornight Quantum Update is a new initiative by the QNepal Steering Committee (first being designed by Aman Ganeju, special thanks to him) aimed at providing bi-weekly updates on the fascinating world of quantum computing.

Why QNepal Fornight Quantum Update?

  • Stay informed with the latest in quantum computing.
  • Boost member interaction: Share intriguing news and insights.
  • Cultivate a reading habit with curated papers and articles.
  • Continuously learn bite-sized quantum facts.
  • Discover opportunities: Workshops, jobs, and projects.
  • A perfect reason to meet up and connect.

Past events: