Global Quantum Programming Workshop | QBronze | November 23-28, 2020

Ready to learn quantum computing but don’t know where to start? It’s time. Take this opportunity to learn about the basics of quantum computing and quantum programming by joining the Global Quantum Programming Workshop | QBronze! The workshop will be held in the last week of November as part of the QWorldChallenge2020!


Global Quantum Programming Workshop | QBronze is a one-week online workshop on the basics of quantum computing and quantum programming based on the introductory material Bronze prepared by QWorld. The scope of the workshop covers preliminaries of quantum computing, implementation of basic quantum protocols, and algorithms. Over 40 QBronze workshops have been organized so far and around 700 participants succeeded to get diplomas.

Bronze is a task-based tutorial consisting of around 30 Jupyter notebooks. Participants will be completing the tutorial with the mentoring support through Discord as well as the live sessions which will be conducted by the QWorld team. Participants will be selecting one of the two offered time zones to join the live sessions and get live mentoring support for 4 hours each day.

Homework will be given daily and the participants who successfully complete the homework will be awarded a Bronze diploma.

Our Team

Program director: Özlem Salehi (QWorld)
Organizers: Agnieszka Wolska (QWorld), Özlem Salehi (QWorld), Abuzer Yakaryilmaz (QWorld)
Workshop leaders: Özlem Salehi (QTurkey), Maksims Dimitriejvs (QLatvia), Jibran Rashid (QPakistan), Abuzer Yakaryilmaz (QWorld)
QMentors: Aurél Gábris (QCzech), Abdullah Khalid (QPakistan), Artem Koryukin (QRussia), Jakub Nowak (QPoland), Adam Glos (QPoland), Abdurrahman Özgür Polat (QTurkey), Bruno Ramirez (QMexico), and İskender Yalçınkaya (QCzech)
Technical Help: Arda Çınar (QTurkey)

Contact:qchallenge [at]


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Bronze is an introductory quantum programming tutorial that uses Qiskit framework as the quantum programming language. Each notebook consists of some theoretical background about the subject, and programming tasks. While it seems like a quantum programming tutorial, quantum computing concepts are eventually taught through programming.

Bronze is designed for everyone with basic programming knowledge in Python and linear algebra. No background in physics is required as it follows an approach where quantum computing is viewed as a generalization of probabilistic and classical computing.

The content is divided into 5 sections.
– Basics of classical systems
– Basics of quantum systems
– Quantum operators on a real-valued qubit
– Quantum correlation
– Grover’s search algorithm

The tutorial starts with classical and probabilistic systems and the quantum concepts are introduced gradually. Bronze does not involve any complex numbers which facilitates the learning process and allows visualization of states and gates in 2D plane. After introducing the basic concepts like superposition and entanglement, superdense coding and quantum teleportation protocols come forward. Subjects like phase kickback, controlled operations, and multiple qubits serve as a preliminary for the last section, Grover’s search algorithm.


The workshop will be running in two different time zones (18:00-22:00 Paris Time (UTC+1) and 18:00-22:00 Tokyo Time (UTC+9). Each day, there will be a live session at 18:00 about the previous day’s content and participants will have a chance to ask their questions. After the live session, participants will be working on their own on the day’s material while getting help from the mentors in the Discord channel. The topics to be covered each day by the participants is given below:

Monday: Welcome meeting and basics of classical systems

Tuesday: Basics of quantum systems, visualization, superposition and measurement, quantum operators on a (real-valued) qubit

Wednesday: Two qubits, phase kickback, multiple qubit constructions

Thursday: Entanglement and superdense coding, quantum teleportation

Friday: Grover’s Search

Saturday: Closing remarks

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