Quantum Computing and Programming Summer School in China | August 2022

Quantum Computing and Programming Summer School in China | Online, August 2022

We are organizing an online quantum computing and programming summer school in China in August 2022. Our summer school is hosted by Quantum Artificial Intelligence for Science and Technology (QuArtist) and College of Sciences, Department of Physics, Shanghai University, and MindQuantum is used as the quantum programming framework during the school.

Our school is composed by two workshops QBronze92 & QSilver13 conducted by QWorld with three additional lectures on VQA algorithms by the MindSpore Quantum team.

Contact: info [at] qworld.net

QBronze92 | Introduction to quantum computing and programming

During QBronze92, we will use the introductory-level tutorial Bronze-MindQuantum covering the basics of classical and quantum systems, quantum operators on a real-valued quantum bit, entanglement and basics quantum protocols, and Grover’s search algorithm. Additionally, the MindSpore Quantum team will deliver a lecture on “Open Source Practices”.

Bronze-MindQuantum is a collection of Jupyter notebooks. We use python to solve the tasks and MindQuantum library to code quantum programs. The participants should know at least one programming language, and they should make themselves familiar with Python before the workshop if they do not know Python. We will share the installation instructions and a few notebooks on basics of mathematics, and participants should review them before the workshop starts.

The participants are expected to work individually at least 20 hours to complete Bronze-MindQuantum. The participants completed QBronze92 successfully will receive a certificate.

QSilver13 | From complex numbers to Shor’s algorithm

During QSilver13, we will use the elementary-level tutorial Silver-MindQuantum[*] covering complex numbers, Bloch sphere, quantum operators with complex numbers, quantum Furrier transform, quantum phase estimation, and Shors’ algorithm. The tutorial Silver-MindQuantum is a continuation of Bronze-MindQuantum. Therefore, the participants are expected to be familiar with the content of the tutorial Bronze (e.g., completing a QBronze workshop). After completing Silver-MindQuantum, the MindSpore Quantum team will deliver two additional lectures “Introduction to VQA and Quantum machine learning” and Quantum Approximation Optimization Algorithm.

The participants are expected to work individually at least 20 hours to complete Silver-MindQuantum. The participants completed QSilver13 successfully will receive a certificate.

[*] MindQuantum version of Silver is under preparation.

Lectures, mentoring, quizzes, and certificates

We will use Tencent Meeting for online lectures, QWorld Mattermost server to communicate with each other and mentor supporting, and QWorld’s Canvas server for quizzes. Online lectures and mentoring will be in English, but there will also be mentors speaking in Chinese.

There will be five quizzes for each workshop. Each quiz is worth 20 points. A participant (i) getting at least 10 points from each quiz and (ii) collecting 70 points in total will be awarded with a certificate. Each quiz can be attempted up to three times.

In addition to the quizzes, there will be an assignment to the MindQuantum gitee repository, and each participant completing the assignment will get a developer certificate with gifts.

Summer School Schedule (UTC+8:00, Beijing)

July 29, 2022 | The deadline for the first round of applications (see also next section)
Aug 01, 2022 | The notification email will be sent out. Please check your inbox or spam or promotions folders.

19:00-20:00, Aug 03 | Welcome meeting & installation
19:00-20:00, Aug 04 | Bronze lecture 1: Basics of classical systems
19:00-20:00, Aug 05 | Bronze lecture 2: Basics of quantum systems
19:00-20:00, Aug 08 | Bronze lecture 3: Quantum operators on a quantum bit
19:00-20:00, Aug 10 | Bronze lecture 4: Entanglement and basics quantum protocols
19:00-20:00, Aug 11 | Open Source Practices
19:00-20:00, Aug 12 | Bronze lecture 5: Grover’s search algorithm

The deadline for quizzes of QBronze92 is August 14, 2022.

19:00-20:00, Aug 15 | Silver lecture 1: Complex numbers
19:00-20:00, Aug 16 | Silver lecture 2: Bloch sphere
19:00-20:00, Aug 17 | Silver lecture 3: Quantum Fourier transform
19:00-20:00, Aug 18 | Silver lecture 4: Quantum phase estimation
19:00-20:00, Aug 19 | Silver lecture 5: Shor’s algorithm
19:00-20:00, Aug 20 | Introduction to VQA and Quantum machine learning
19:00-20:00, Aug 21 | Quantum Approximation Optimization Algorithm

The deadline for quizzes of QSilver13 is August 26, 2022.
The deadline for MindQuantum assignment is August 31, 2022.

Applications for Summer School in China

The applications will be collected by QWorld, but the selection will be made by the host.
We will admit up to 300 participants.

  • The first round applications are open between July 15 and 29, 2022.
  • The applications for QBronze92 is over.
  • Notification emails are were sent out on August 1, 2022. Please check your inbox or spam or promotions folders.
  • The applications for QSilver13 will be open until August 11, 2022 (Bejing). The notifications will be sent within 48 hours after you fill out the application form.
  • The applications for QSilver13 is over.
  • If there will be free places for QSilver13, we will re-open the applications on Aug 1 only for QSilver part.

Application form >>


Organizers: Abuzer Yakaryilmaz (QWorld) & Prof. Chen Xi (Local Organizer)
Workshop Instructors: Abuzer Yakaryilmaz (QWorld) & MindSpore Quantum Team
Workshop Mentors: Marija Šćekić (QWorld), Nouhaila Innan (QWorld), Ding Yongcheng (Shanghai University), Wang Yapeng (Shanghai University), Wu Yu (Shanghai University)

Contact: info [at] qworld.net

Code of Conduct

Our event is dedicated to providing a harassment-free workshop experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or technology choices. We do not tolerate harassment of event participants in any form. Sexual language and imagery is not appropriate for any event venue, including talks, workshops, parties, Twitter and other online media. Event participants violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the event.

Except the filing the application form and similar formal procedures, the contact info of any attendee or participant cannot be requested by any person from organizer side (i.e., mentor, educator, speaker, organizer, sponsor, or volunteer). On the other hand, any person from organizer side may share his or her contact info with a participant who is not a minor, upon request by the participant.

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please contact the organizers immediately. For any concern regarding the organizers, please contact the members of the Ethics Committee of QWorld:


Check the above link for more details.