The first QWebinar “Introduction to Quantum Computing” took place at 11:00 (GMT-5) on April 29, 2020.
The webinar was led by Paweł Gora, the board member of QWorld, the coordinator of QPoland, and the founder and CEO of the “Quantum AI Foundation”.

See the recording of the event on YouTube >>

Abstract from Paweł:

I gave an introduction to quantum computing, its theoretical foundations, and possible applications, especially in solving combinatorial optimization problems. I explained the difference between classical and quantum computers, as well as between universal and adiabatic quantum computers. Later, I presented some popular algorithms for quantum computers (such as Shor’s algorithm, quantum annealing), their possible applications (especially in AI and transport), and current possibilities to implement programs that can be run on real quantum computers or their simulators. I also summarized the recent progress in building quantum computers and quantum algorithms, present some forecasts for the future development of this interesting area and major obstacles on the road toward quantum supremacy. During the event, I shared my experience in building quantum computing awareness and quantum computing community, e.g., about “QWorld” and “Quantum AI Foundation”.

This event was organized in collaboration with Quantum AI Foundation and Go to Gym Sportswear as a Service.