QUniversity is in its initialization phase. We plan to prepare many undergraduate and graduate level courses and also to train the professors. We have a road map for three years to develop and implement our projects step by step.

  1. QProfessor: Our project to train the professor at the universities to teach courses on quantum technologies and quantum software. We plan to start with a course designed for 3rd year undergraduate students on the basics of quantum computing and quantum programming. We plan to do our first training events in the first half of 2020.
  2. QSemester: An academic challenge to design an undergraduate level semester on quantum computation and the ongoing developments in quantum technologies and quantum software. We plan to design a set of courses (1/3 theory and 2/3 practical implementations) to target 3rd year of students. A pilot program will be implemented by QLatvia in Spring 2020. We plan to have our first complete version of QSemester program by the end of 2020.
  3. QMajor: An extension of QSemester to create a major program for undergraduate studies. In parallel, we plan to create a few minor programs (QMinor). We plan to have our first draft QMajor program by the end of 2021.
  4. QIntern: This is a natural continuation of QSemester to have a semester for the students to work on medium scale projects. We plan to have our first plot program at the beginning of 2021.
  5. QGraduate: A graduate level extension of QMajor. We plan to design a graduate program and to have the first plot program before September 2022.

Host us/Join us/Collaborate with us

You can contact our coordinators:

  • if you are interested in hosting a QProfessor training event in Spring 2020;
  • if you are interested in preparing course materials by joining joining QKitchen; and,
  • if you are interested in joining QUniversity by proposing a new project.

We are looking for collaborations with people, organizations, and companies sharing the same/similar values and aims in order to strength our ecosystem. Please contact our coordinators if you are interested.

Each member of QUniversity, each host, and each collaborator must agree to accept our code of ethics and code of conduct and then respect and follow the codes, rules, and regulations.

The team

Coordinators: Zoltán Zimborás (QHungary) and Abuzer Yakaryilmaz (QLatvia)
Contact: quniversity [at] qworld.lu.lv