Invitation to join a QIT study group!

If you are a PhD or MSc student interested in quantum information science, we would like to invite you to join a study group for reading Mark Wilde’s “From Classical to Quantum Shannon Theory” (

Wilde’s work is one of the main references in quantum information theory. We plan to read a part of it in 8 or more weeks, starting on October 26. The goal is to navigate through Wilde’s theory about “moving quantum states around” essential for quantum communication. This year we would focus on the chapters “Tools of Quantum Shannon Theory”, “Noiseless Quantum Shannon Theory”, and “Noisy Quantum Shannon Theory”.

Each of us should allocate 1-2 days per week for individual studies and an online group meeting once per week. This study group is planned to be defined under QResearch who might also find a knowledgeable mentor for the group. All participants must agree on rules defined by QResearch.

If you are interested, please send a short description of your motivation and affiliation.

Contact: kripete [at]