Time to start the Global Workshop!

Today, November 23, we are starting our first Global Quantum Programming Workshop | QBronze! This is the final and the largest workshop organized as part of QWorldChallenge2020 Autumn Edition. More than seven hundred participants from 72 countries are taking part in the workshop!

Starting from today, for the following 6 days participants will learn the basics of quantum computing and quantum programming based on the introductory material Bronze prepared by QWorld. The scope of the workshop covers preliminaries of quantum computing, implementation of basic quantum protocols, and algorithms.

Participants will be completing the tutorial with the mentoring support through Discord as well as the live sessions which will be conducted by the QWorld team. Participants are offered 2 different time zones to join the live sessions and get live mentoring support for 4 hours each day.

Our Team

Program director: Özlem Salehi (QWorld)
Organizers: Agnieszka Wolska (QWorld), Özlem Salehi (QWorld), Abuzer Yakaryilmaz (QWorld)
Workshop leaders: Özlem Salehi (QTurkey), Maksims Dimitriejvs (QLatvia), Jibran Rashid (QPakistan), Abuzer Yakaryilmaz (QWorld)
QMentors:  Rumlah Amer (QPakistan), Azza Fadhel (QTunisia), Aurél Gábris (QCzech), Johan Katherine Noreña Bahamon (QMexico), Abdullah Khalid (QPakistan), Artem Koryukin (QRussia), Jakub Nowak (QPoland), Adam Glos (QPoland), Javier Orduz-Ducuara (QMexico), Abdurrahman Özgür Polat (QTurkey), Bruno Ramirez (QMexico), Tomuț Andrei Voicu (QRomania), İskender Yalçınkaya (QCzech)

Contact: qchallenge [at] qworld.lu.lv

Check our Global Quantum Programming Workshop page for further details!