The entangling event of QTunisia!

Already tomorrow (September 25, 2020), we start our entangling workshop with QTunisia! For 3 consecutive days we will give online lectures on Introduction to Quantum Computing and programming. The workshop will be held online. The event will be run by QWorld and hosted by QTunisia. For the participants, we have prepared the lecture videos as an aid in completing subsequent tasks.

During the workshop, we will use the tutorial “Bronze” prepared by QWorld. It is a collection of Jupyter notebooks and each notebook has a couple of programming tasks to be solved by the participants. We use python and qiskit to code our quantum programs.

The workshop leader: Dr. Maksims Dimitrijevs (QWorld, QLatvia)
QMentors: Mohamed Yassine Ferjani, Sahar ben Rached

Check our QBronze page for further details!