Watch our Q&A session with Scott Aaronson!

We invite you to watch the recording from the first Q&A session in the QWebinar series!

Our first guest was Scott Aaronson, one of the best-known scientists in quantum computing and complexity theory, also known with his most popular blog “Shtetl-Optimized”.

In this amazing Q&A session, Scott answered the questions prepared by the moderators and also from the participants on quantum computing from the 80s to 20s.

We thank Andris Ambainis, one of the world’s leading experts on quantum algorithms, for being our special guest moderator!

See the recording of the event on YouTube >>

Moderators: Andris Ambainis (QLatvia) and Zoltán Zimborás (QHungary)
Organizers: Abuzer Yakaryılmaz (QLatvia) and Agnieszka Wolska (QLatvia)

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