Official QWorld’s YouTube channel is open!

QWorld has just started to publish videos on its YouTube channel! You will find there videos from our QWebinars about quantum technologies and quantum software.

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Here are our latest recordings:

The Potential Impact of Quantum Computers on Society by Ronald de Wolf. In this lecture, Ronald talks about the potential impact that the nascent technology of quantum computing may have on society. He focuses on three areas: cryptography, optimization, and simulation of quantum systems. In addition to a great lecture, we especially invite you to listen to Q&A session!
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My personal quantum software story: QuTiP and Unitary Fund by Nathan Shammah.
This QWebinar is about open source in science and specifically in quantum science. Nathan Shammah provides his personal account, that brought him from being a user of scientific software packages to a developer and maintainer (QuTiP).
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