The seventh workshop by QTurkey

QTurkey is organizing its seventh Introduction to Quantum Programming Workshop on December 6-7-8 2019, in collaboration with Özyeğin University

During the workshop, participants will be using our introductory material Bronze. The content of the workshop includes the basics of quantum programming, how to program using Qiskit framework and theoretical background of quantum computation including basic quantum protocols such as superdense coding, quantum teleportation and Grover’s search algorithm. 

Workshop will be led by several educators from QTurkey including Dr. Özlem Salehi Köken who is one of the coordinators of QTurkey and an instructor at Özyeğin University Department of Computer Science. Besides the training on quantum programming, there will be talks by Prof. Cem Say from Boğaziçi University, Asst. Prof. Kadir Durak from Özyeğin University and Zeki Can Seskir from Middle East Technical University who is also one of the coordinators of QTurkey.

The workshop is supported by Özyeğin University, Faculty of Engineering and Unitary Fund.