QWorld will be in Liepāja

We are pleased to announce that quantum programming workshop is travelling to Liepaja University now (November 28-29-30). This will be the first city outside Riga in Latvia to make a quantum workshop, and it will be the 23rd Workshop/Bronze of QWorld. We have handed out 403 diplomas in 14 different cities in 10 different countries until now. (See the full list here.)

During the workshop, the participants will use our introductory material Bronze and they will learn the basics of classical and quantum systems, how to write quantum programs by using Qiskit framework, and the basics of quantum protocols superdense coding and quantum teleportation and quantum algorithm Grover’s search.

The workshop is led by Dr. Abuzer Yakaryilmaz (QLatvia), a researcher in the Center for Quantum Computer Science and an assistant professor in Faculty of Computing, University of Latvia.

Dr. Abuzer Yakaryilmaz was invited by Prof. Anita Jansone (Dean of the Faculty Science and Engineering, Liepaja University). The workshop will be mainly supported by Liepaja University, and partially supported by Faculty of Computing, University of Latvia and Unitary Fund.